One thought on “London Bridge victim’s father asks people not to vote Tory

  1. I spent my career as a police officer and can understand the dangers and the need to intervene when necessary; it came with the territory but we were paid to do that job and your son wasn’t. I can only applaud his action with great respect and admiration. It so sad he had pay the price of his life for protecting others. The story of your son makes me so sad, whilst that of certain politicians, who care naught for others and lie with impunity for the sake of their own worthless selves infuriates me. Your son was infinitely worth much more than any of those. A regards these politicians, I would happily lock them up and throw away the key. Please accept my deeply felt condolences, I get a tear in my eye thinking about it but he did you proud. We, of the ‘old bill’ really are human, despite what people say.


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