Honiton mayor determined to keep his seat amid petition to disband town council

Emergency councillors could be drafted in to lead Honiton Town Council if a petition to dissolve the authority is successful, according to:


The petition was launched by a group calling itself ‘Honiton Residents’, and is demanding that all town councillors resign from the council to allow for a new election to take place.

However, the petition looks set to fail – as town mayor Councillor John Zarczynski has resolutely stated he will not relinquish his seat.

When asked by the Herald, Cllr Zarczynski said: “No, why should I?”

Cllr Zarczynski said a very small group of people in Honiton are spreading ‘misinformation’ around the town to discredit the council, and personal agendas are being publicised on social media platforms.

Accusation have been aired of infighting and bullying in the council, but Cllr Zarczynski said the only bullying taking place is by a handful of people on social media.

He said: “This petition has been inspired by people not knowing the true facts and stems from the misinformation they have been fed.”

A spokesman for East Devon District Council said: “If Honiton Town Council were to become inquorate then there is a procedure which would allow East Devon District Council to appoint temporary councillors who would be in office while a new set of elections were taking place.”

Owl: no doubt a procedure as opaque as a brick wall – step forward the “great and good” of Honiton!

More details can be found in a succession of three (maybe more by now) post here:


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