Unintended consequences of mixed messages

Owl understands the desperate state of the hospitality industry facing confused messages coming from the government.  On the one hand we are , for very good reasons, being told to avoid cafes, restaurants and pubs but on the other they haven’t been ordered to close.

Devon Coastal Cottages has come up with this innovative idea (see below).

However, self-isolate means just that. It doesn’t mean jump into a car and bomb down to Devon. Nor is it helpful in terms of epidemic control to encourage a mass exodus from the country’s hotspot – London – to  dispersal within the country.

Devon, as previous articles have shown, is potentially very vulnerable and needs cocooning.

Our two MP’s (and County leaders) have been silent on this legitimate, but sensitive, issue.

How Are We Doing Our Bit To Help Others During COVID19? www.stoneleigh-holiday-park.com

Are you worried about your loved ones and looking for a remote place to self-isolate and protect your friends and family. 

We are now offering self-isolation zero contact packages safe and remote cottages.

According to the latest news and figures from our government, to date 19th March 953 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in London. London and possibly other cities and other built-up areas could soon go into lockdown, to toughen measures on the coronavirus. As the disease is spreading rapidly through the capital, Boris Johnson has stated he will not hesitate to roll out this tougher action when necessary to protect people’s health.

Sidmouth Cottages are now offering an ideal opportunity for individuals and family’s to self-isolate in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the countryside of Devon by the sea and to leave the city behind and protect yourself and your family…….

2 thoughts on “Unintended consequences of mixed messages

  1. This is not good at all for the West Country which will suffer greatly if infection rates rise here. Our services could not cope.Surely moving infected people around the country is not in the interest of anyone. people who live here are trying to do the ‘social distancing’ and will find it harder to achieve. Holiday makers naturally wish to be out and about.
    I do understand how the tourist and hospitality sectors wish to keep going- we all want that, but they should be looking at the long term impact on the local communities in the West Country.
    Also the online shopping slots are made so much more difficult for local people to be able to use them.


  2. In my view, anyone who comes here from London should self-isolate for a full week, avoiding pubs and restaurants, and stick strictly to country walks during that time.


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