Is EDDC the most irresponsible council in the country?

Winter car parking rates extended until May across East Devon “in order to better support town centre businesses”

Owl wonders whether LINO (Leader in name only) Ben Ingham and his “Independent” sidekick Geoff Pook have completely lost their marbles.

 Is the Government message too difficult for them to understand?

 We are facing a global pandemic, the infection in the UK has yet to be brought under any semblance of control. It is touch and go as to whether our chronically underfunded NHS will be able to cope when the peak infection rate is reached. 

The government instruction right now is that people should stay at home and only leave for very restricted reasons, and then for as short a time as possible. It is not yet clear whether this instruction will be heeded. East Devon has one of the most vulnerable populations in the country. 

Spending all day wandering around Exmouth, Sidmouth, Honiton, Seaton, Axminster, Ottery and Budleigh in normal times is to be encouraged, but these are not normal times. There may be a very good case, when recovery starts, to cut car parking charges to encourage this. Doing it now sends all the wrong signals. It is totally irresponsible.

The sooner the LINO regime is replaced, the better.

Beth Sharp 

The all-day £2 winter car parking tariff has been extended until May.

East Devon District Council (EDDC) has decided to not bring its usual car park charging tariff back on April 1 this year, in order to better support town centre businesses.

The authority revealed its all day parking for £2 will continue, following an agreement by council leader Councillor Ben Ingham and assets portfolio holder Cllr Geoff Pook.

An EDDC spokesman said: “This decision will be kept under review and when demand begins to return to normal then we anticipate returning to our usual charging tariff.”

EDDC owns car parks in all the major East Devon towns, including Exmouth, Sidmouth, Honiton, Seaton, Axminster, Ottery and Budleigh.

Visit to find all the EDDC car parks affected.

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