Exmouth Gas Plant goes to Appeal – “Doing Today what is Right for Tomorrow”

From Transition Exeter:

The application for a new Gas-fired ‘Peaking’ Plant, refused by East Devon District Council because of its incompatibility with their Climate Emergency Declaration is going to appeal.  Members of the the public can make representations till April 21st.

The Applicant is Liverton Business Park 2011 (Clinton Devon Estates Ltd), who also owns the solar park nearby. This appeal could be a test case for the construction of these small local back-up, gas power stations, which the Government appears to be encouraging. There is a danger that they will be popping up all over and lead to a whole new generation of gas plants with continued carbon emissions, so we need to prevent a network of such schemes.  Also, subsidised and encouraged through tender exercises opened up by the National Grid, they are probably very commercially lucrative (but of course much of that information would be subject to commercial confidentiality).

The justification for the proposal is mainly based on the plant functioning as a backup facility, to fill the gap in energy supplies when renewables are not generating sufficiently, and thus providing energy security and contributing to the transition to renewables. Some think this is stretching the case very thin, when the Centre for Alternative Technology  argues that 100% renewable energy could supply the grid every hour of the day and night.

The deadline for Representations to the Planning Inspector is 21 April. Many in Exmouth and beyond would be grateful for whatever help you can manage, from a short representation to more technical energy and planning arguments. With respect to pressing for an Inquiry, a reasonable quick point would be that you are very concerned about climate change and have welcomed the local declarations of climate and ecological emergency but are very worried that this scheme conflicts with the local commitments (that would include Devon as a whole). You would feel that the complex issues need airing in a open Inquiry. You need to use your own words.

Oddly, the owner of the Liverton Business Park is Clinton Devon Estates, whose home page bears the large slogan  ‘Doing Today what is Right for Tomorrow’ [Owl thinks it’s time this was changed to “Doing Today what is Right for Clinton’s Business” ]

More information is available from gillwestcott@gmail.com or on the Transition Exeter website www.transitionexeter.org.uk (It isn’t yet but could be soon)

One thought on “Exmouth Gas Plant goes to Appeal – “Doing Today what is Right for Tomorrow”

  1. Dear Owl – a network of such schemes has already been built. The Capacity Market Register for 2022/2023 (https://www.emrdeliverybody.com/CM/Registers.aspx) shows that there are 59 existing similar schemes with a total output of 497 MW (For scale, Hinkley Point produces 1200MW). There are a further 74 (@622MW) with a Capacity Market Agreement in place, 92 (@1,319MW) that did not get agreement and 213 (@2,659MW) with no determination – a total of 379 proposals for 4,600MW of generation – nearly four Hinkley Points! You may ask why – the bond issue for a similar 20MW scheme at Woodbury Business Park (guess who) predicted an income of £2,454,000 for year one rising to £6,192,000 for year 5 with EBITDA of £1,192,000 and £3,605,000 respectively offering a return of more than 20% – not bad with a bank rate of 0.1%. This is not about ‘keeping the lights on’ more about keeping the profits of the Carters and Clintons rolling in at the expense of the environment.


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