All the planning applications submitted in Devon this week

How much longer do we have to wait before we get back to some semblance of democratic oversight of the planning process in EDDC?

Earlier this month, the government made it lawful to hold council meetings – and binding votes – remotely.

EDDC needs to stop hiding behind emergency powers, allowing the leader and relevant cabinet members to take any urgent decisions which cannot await the next formal cabinet meeting.

It just needs a bit of creativity and good will.

Surely Ben Ingham, leader in name only, having lost his majority, cannot be using the pandemic as an excuse to cling on to power?   

Daniel Clark

Every week dozens of planning applications are submitted to the local councils, and the coronavirus pandemic has not changed that.

While some council services have been suspended as a result of COVID-19, planning departments are still working as usual to validate and to decide upon applications.

Here is the list of applications that have been submitted and validated by the various local councils or planning authorities in Devon in the last week. [Only those for East Devon have been copied below. To see the complete list go to the online article on devonlive]. 


Barns At Higher Musgrove Dunkeswell Abbey Honiton EX14 4RP –