EDDC Annual Meeting scheduled for 6.00pm tomorrow 13 May has been cancelled

Owl sees that the EDDC calendar is now showing the Annual Meeting scheduled for tomorrow as “cancelled”.

Owl also sees that there has been more realignments in EDDC politics, helpfully listed by EDDC here.

Current state of play is as follows, though Owl thinks this could be still be a bit “fluid”:


Democratic Alliance                    24

Conservatives                              19

Independent Group                     10

(Ingham followers)

Independent Progressives           7


Ben Ingham’s Independent group has continued to fracture since Paul Millar was the first to leave in September last year. (Paul joined the newly formed Democratic Alliance group in February). 

Seven of Ingham’s original Indys have now formed a new group calling themselves the Independent Progressive Group.

It’s all in their name – they have also rumbled that Ben Ingham wasn’t going to be either progressive or introduce any discernible change. Yet change was what the electorate voted for last May when the Conservatives lost their overall majority for the first time in East Devon.

Unlikely that anyone labelling themselves “Progressive” could vote with the Tories to keep them in power (because that what the de facto situation is in EDDC with Ben Ingham as leader).

And – if progressives are NOT Tories, DON’T want to be lumped in with Ingham and WON’T throw themselves in with the Democratic Alliance to form a fully-working majority – what IS their unique selling point?

Question now is whether Ben Ingham will show his true (original) colours and revert to the Tories and whether his nine remaining supporters will do the same, despite having presented themselves to the electorate as “Independent”.

Looks to Owl as if some changes are in the wind.