Devon councillor quits Conservative Party over Cummings furore

A Devon councillor has resigned from the Conservative Party over the Dominic Cummings furore.

As a result, Conservatives loose control of West Devon Borough Council.

Composition now: 13 Indys, 2 Greens and 1 Libdem ; vs 15 Cons.

Lee Trewhela
Rev Mike Davies’ resignation means that West Devon Borough Council – on which he sits as councillor for Okehampton North –  is no longer a Conservative-controlled authority.

The former Mayor of West Devon said: “The lack of a resignation from Mr Cummings, a government advisor, undermines public trust and will now encourage people to break current and future rules.

“Following Mr Cummings’ lack of foresight to resign because of the impact of his actions, the Prime Minister should now terminate Mr Cummings’ employment.”

Mr Davies, who is a part-time church pastor, added: “Covid-19 needs to be controlled and as we have been constantly reminded ‘Staying at home saves lives’.

“NHS staff, care workers, school teachers and others have been under tremendous pressure to meet the consequences and challenges of this virus. Examples must be set at the highest levels of Government.

“Can you imagine the consequences if everyone decided, at the start of lockdown, to drive to the most convenient place in the country if they thought they might have some of the symptoms?

“Locally, Devon & Cornwall Police fined over 800 people for breaking lockdown rules. In England and Wales over 13,000 fines were issued. Lockdown surely meant lockdown. We are now being told it was ‘guidance’.”

Mr Davies is suspected to have had Covid-19 himself and was seen by two GPs, but this has yet to be tested or confirmed.

He discussed his resignation with Mel Stride MP before making his decision.

He has been a West Devon Borough councillor since 2015 and prior to that was an Okehampton town councillor since 2003. As well as Mayor of West Devon, Mr Davies was Mayor of Okehampton twice.

“I appreciate that many Conservatives may not sympathise with me or share my convictions,” he added. “However, from the concerns raised to me, as association chairman for Central Devon, in the days prior to my resignation I know that many do.”

One thought on “Devon councillor quits Conservative Party over Cummings furore

  1. Well done, Cllr MIke Davies.
    A man of principle.
    What will it take for principles, integrity and responsibility to be recognised and valued by our Prime Minister?

    Well, how about if a few of our Conservative Councillors at EDDC took a leaf out of Cllr Davies’ book?

    I’m not talking about the ones who will always be self-serving, always be ‘back -your-chums- no-matter-what’ animals.
    There ARE some Conservative Councillors at EDDC who are really highly principled, put their public first and don’t always toe the party line.
    I’d suggest that now is the time for them to choose to be Independent.


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