Why are Clinton Devon Estates felling trees during the bird nesting season?

A correspondent has sent this “letter” to Owl, but asks to remain anonymous.

“It will probably come as no surprise, but I have just witnessed Clinton Devon Estates felling diseased ash trees on Dotton Lane between Newton Poppleford and Colaton Raleigh.

I appreciate these trees have to be felled to control the problem, in fact I believe the estate has allocated a seven figure sum to deal with this over the next few years.

What I don’t approve of is the fact it is in the middle of the bird nesting season. The reason the work is being undertaken now is probably for easier identification, wonder why they cannot just mark the diseased trees and fell them when they are dormant in the Winter.

It is not the first time they have shown scant regard for wildlife is it!

I have been very pro the estate over the years, sadly not so much now.”

(Owl will never forget the sagas of the Estate’s past cavalier attitude to bats and slow-worms)