Owl post a Valedictory for outgoing Chairman Cllr. “we plan anywhere” Stuart Hughes

Now he has resigned as Chairman, Owl recommends Cllr. Stuart Hughes sticks with the night job.


3 thoughts on “Owl post a Valedictory for outgoing Chairman Cllr. “we plan anywhere” Stuart Hughes

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  2. Funnily enough, Stuart Hughes hasn’t mentioned the reputation that EDDC has for planning corruption (literally the first thing I was told about EDDC when I moved to the District), nor of the “games” played by the Conservative Councillors to get unsustainable sites into the Local Plan (like the Sidmouth industrial zone on green belt down already too narrow and dangerously overcrowded roads_, or indeed any of the more recent questionable planning decisions (like King Alfred’s Way in Newton Poppleford in an AONB) which are either inconsistent or explicitly outside the LDF, nor that the planning assumptions in the LDF mean a 30% increase in buildings in East Devon over a 10 year period, concreting over a lot of countryside, nor that these are based on impossibly large growth forecasts that will never be achieved.

    The net result of this is that a lot of land owners stand to get very rich by gaining planning permission on inappropriate sites – I wonder just how many of those just coincidentally happen to be good friends of Conservative Councillors or donate to the local or central Tory organisations.

    Nor does he explain about how large numbers of houses were the means of funding the council from government New Homes grants (using one-off capital receipts to fund revenue expenses is NEVER a good idea) in order to keep Council Tax down (which is always a vote winner regardless of the short- or long-term consequences), nor how when these ceased along with other cuts EDDC was left with a huge hole in its finances.

    Please also go and read https://eastdevonwatch.org/2020/06/01/breaking-game-playing-forces-sidmouths-stuart-hughes-to-resign-as-district-council-chairman/ for my analysis of Stuart Hughes most recent atrocious behaviour.


    • “We Plan Anywhere.”
      Yes, but surely not in private, with developers or their agents behind closed doors?
      Surely not to advise them on Appeals procedure, privately, in unrecorded meetings, behind closed doors?
      “We Plan Anywhere.”
      But, surely not if the community have thoroughly good grounds to object to those plans?
      “We Plan Anywhere because we can.”


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