Why five acts to “change the guard” at EDDC? – Owl reveals the Doomsday Scenario

The Agenda pack for next Wednesday’s Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) contains recommendations for changes to the constitution “To ensure that the Council’s governance framework reflects the changes to the political balance within the Council and to enable certain of the appointments that would have happened at Annual Council to be agreed for the remainder of the civic year.”

It appears from the constitution that: “the business at EGMs should be ‘limited to a single item in the form of a motion…’. So when the previous Conservative Council Chairman, Cllr. Stuart Hughes decided [pace Paul F] to cancel the Annual Meeting he created the perfect Doomsday Scenario in which a change of regime could only take place one vote and one EGM a time, potentially hobbling the Council to eternity- the Doomsday Scenario.

His intention was to retain the status quo to provide the “Conservative” experience and stability to guide East Devon through the pandemic- it has just caused a massive distraction and an unnecessary waste of time and effort.

Did he intend to create quite such chaos? Who knows, but Owl doesn’t believe that he was acting alone. It was not done in the best interests of the people of East Devon.

Now that separate meetings have established that the Council does indeed want to change its Chairman and Leader by significant majorities, wiser heads have prevailed. The way is clear to hold an EGM to change the constitution and then go on to make the remaining changes in one go.