‘Super-spreader’ forces three businesses in Burnham-on-Sea to close just days after reopening

A single positive coronavirus case is believed to have caused the closure of three businesses after the man went out drinking on Super Saturday.

By Hayley Dixon 7 July 2020 www.telegraph.co.uk 

A pub, a vape bar and an Indian restaurant in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, all closed their doors for deep cleaning.

It is believed the unnamed drinker visited The Lighthouse Inn before heading to Vape Escape. A driver from Saagar Indian had also been in the pub, and the restaurant closed as a precaution.

The vape shop was able to reopen after performing a deep clean and testing staff, but The Lighthouse Inn remains closed while it awaits test results.

Jess Green, the pub’s manager, said: “The pub will not reopen until our seven staff have tested negative, and we should get the test results back today.”

“We’ve decided to close the pub to keep our staff and customers safe. We completed a full clean of the pub on Monday, in line with Government guidance, and so we could actually reopen. But we have proactively taken the decision to close, and we have received lots of positive feedback from the local community.

“The man who tested positive has done the right thing in informing the businesses that he attended so we can inform customers and get everyone tested.”

A post announcing the news was shared over 2,000 times, and received a flurry of support from the pub’s regulars.

The Saagar Indian has also put a notice in the window stating that it has closed temporarily as a precaution. On social media, the takeaway said one of its staff may have come into contact with the infected man.

The post said: “It saddens me to tell you all that, due to unforeseen circumstances, we are closing Saagar Indian takeaway up until Friday.

“This is because one of the drivers has been in the same pub as the person who has tested positive to Covid-19. This decision was not made easily. However, during these tough times everybody’s health is the number one priority.

“During this period we will be deep cleaning the whole building to ensure when it is reopened we will be ready to go. We look forward to seeing you all again very soon.”

Vape Escape was also visited by the man, but has already being able to reopen thanks to negative test results and a thorough deep clean.

Owner Leanne Underhill said: “It wasn’t the reopening we had planned, and we were informed on Sunday that a customer who had visited us had tested positive.

“All of our staff have been tested and have come back negative. All customers have been informed, in line with Government guidance. We have been following all the safety guidelines and, because we took the names and numbers of customers as they entered, all of them have been able to be contacted.

“As soon as I got the message about the positive test result on Sunday, I immediately closed the bar, locked up and spoke with the NHS and police who informed us of the correct steps, all of which we have followed.

“We have undertaken a full, deep clean and steam cleaned the premises and also disinfected everything, including all customer areas such as the toilets.”