A Guardian comment on underpaid workers:

I recently read the Penguin Great Ideas edition of Utopia – a book Thomas More wrote over half a millennium ago. Whenever I read about care workers, this passage returns to my mind (sorry to quote at such length, but it’s stunningly pertinent):

For what justice is there in this: that a nobleman, a goldsmith, a banker, or any other man, that either does nothing at all, or, at best, is employed in things that are of no use to the public, should live in great luxury and splendour upon what is so ill acquired, and a mean man, a carter, a smith, or a ploughman, that works harder even than the beasts themselves, and is employed in labours so necessary, that no commonwealth could hold out a year without them, can only earn so poor a livelihood and must lead so miserable a life, that the condition of the beasts is much better than theirs?