Call to Exmouth residents to help rejuvenate seafront

An art gallery is encouraging Exmouth residents to join a new project which hopes to rejuvenate a section of the Exmouth seafront.

Owl curious how “The Abode of Love ” got its name – a rare gap in Owl’s local knowledge.

The Abode of Love is a 342-foot long, flood defence in Exmouth and is a popular area for residents and tourists.

Honiton based art gallery Thelma Hulbert Gallery (THG) has been asked by East Devon District Council (EDDC) to develop an arts commission for the area but the project was cancelled to due to the coronavirus.

Instead, THG alongside Exmouth artist Anna Fitzgerald will be creating a ‘To be continued…’ commission at the Abode of Love and wants to hear the opinions from local artists and creatives on what the future of the area should look like.

A panel including Mrs Fitzgerald, designer Gary Cook, EDDC councillor Joe Whibley, THG and local business owners will select 50 participants from the respondents who will be invited to ‘make their mark’ on the Abode of Love.

This commission will eventually be replaced by art projects planned for 2021 created by Exmouth Town Council, EDDC, Exmouth Artists and young people from Exmouth schools and community groups.

THG Curator, Ruth Gooding said: “We want to acknowledge the melting pot of creative voices in the area.

“The commission is an invitation to the creative community as we collectively reimagine a future together.

“We want to celebrate the incredible creativity in Exmouth by reaching out to and engaging with local residents for this project.

“The Abode will become a creative frame, celebrating diversity and engaging the communities of Exmouth.”

Councillor Joe Whibley, the district council’s lead member for culture and a ward member for Exmouth Town, said: “After a difficult few months, it’s great to see this project happening now. Cultural regeneration can play an important part in Exmouth’s recovery.

Mrs Fitzgerald said: “Exmouth has many brilliant artists and creatives and it is great to have this opportunity to work together building and strengthening our creative networks.”

To get involved in the Abode of love project, please email

A survey will be sent, to be completed by July 26 and successful applicants will be notified by August 3.

3 thoughts on “Call to Exmouth residents to help rejuvenate seafront

  1. This is good news – I think. Involve residents and young people – YES!

    The name , The Abode of Love? Are we having a hippy revival?
    I don’t believe that has not come from one of the young people of the town and probably not from any individual under the age of 60! But if it will entice our creatives to get involved then lets go with it, man!

    Anna Fitzgerald is already well known in Exmouth for her amazing art work and already has her links with the directors of the Watersports Centre through her wonderful display in front of their new development and her exhibition in their property in Exeter, currently a small gallery.
    Gary Cooke also had links with EDDC and the Queen’s Drive regeneration project as ‘the Exmouth Creative Group’ mooted by Cllr Skinner in 2017 which turned out to be a bit of a mystery.

    So, its great to see local artists at the forefront of this new project and we hope that others, less well-known and equally talented will come forward and be included.
    This leads to the next question – WHY are local business owners going to be on the panel which selects the 50 participants?
    WHICH local business owners?
    WHO selected them?

    So , bring it on – and lets be as transparent about it as the floaty garments they wore back in those days!


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