When Planning goes horribly wrong – a follow up to a 2017 case in Paignton

If only this was an isolated case, but, as we know from experience, it’s not – Owl

From a correspondent in Paignton:

A sad day for residents

In 2017 East Devon Watch reported:





“The family of a businessman who helped shape the future of development in South Devon are set to make hundreds of thousands of pounds after a plot they bought at a knock-down price was designated for housing. Paignton residents have expressed concerns over the future of the land in Waterside Road.

They are unhappy that the space, which backs onto Dartmouth Road, has been cleared of trees and identified for housing in the latest draft of the Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan.

The land is owned by the family of the neighbourhood plan forum’s vice-chair Adam Billings and was bought at auction from Torbay Council as amenity land in 2014.

Neighbours say the plot would have generated far more money for the taxpayer if it has been sold with planning permission rather being designed to be a green space….


After much hard work by residents sadly this was what happened:



Homes approved on controversial site in disused Devon quarry

Planners narrowly voted in favour of allowing three houses to be built on a controversial site in a disused Devon quarry.

The plot in the former Waterside Quarry off Waterside Road, Paignton, is part of an Urban Landscape Protection Area.

Councillors were told the plot between Paignton and Brixham was not allocated as a housing site in the Torbay Local Plan or the Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan, which covers the area…..