Eat your heart out “cheap” Sidmouth – St Ives is top “class” in the posh staycation stakes

Cornwall is home to most expensive seaside resort in whole UK

Thousands of tourists visit St Ives every year – and it seems they are forking out a pretty penny to do so.

The coastal town, known for its surf and art scene, has been found to be the most most expensive seaside resort in the UK after coming in second on the same survey last year – losing out to Sidmouth in Devon.

The survey by compared prices across 30 popular coastal destinations and also saw another three Cornwall towns make the top ten.

With an average rate of £124 per night, St Ives leads the rankings, with Sidmouth in Devon and Falmouth in Cornwall coming in at second and third, with average rates of £84 and £78, respectively.

At the cheaper end of the scale, with an average rate of only £35 per night, the famous resort of Blackpool in the English county of Lancashire ranks as the most affordable UK destination.

Other inexpensive places to stay include the Welsh resort city of Swansea (£46) and Eastbourne (£47) on England’s southeast coast.

As for how Covid-19 has impacted hotel prices, across the board rates have dropped by about 10% on average compared to last year.

A handful of destinations have seen rates plummet significantly lower, such as in Brighton (-25%), Sidmouth (-36%) and Oban (-43%). However, prices in a number of destinations have remained fairly stable, and have even increased in some, such as in Shanklin (+9%) and Lytham St Annes (+22%).

The following table compares 30 seaside resorts in the UK. The prices shown reflect the average daily rate for each destination’s cheapest available double room in a hotel or guest house rated at least 3 stars, for the period spanning 1-31 August 2020.

See the full list here:

  1. St. Ives £124
  2. Sidmouth £84
  3. Falmouth £78
  4. Bude £77
  5. Portrush £76
  6. Lytham St Annes £75
  7. Poole £73
  8. Tenby £72
  9. Whitby £71
  10. Newquay £68
  11. Southend-on-Sea £68
  12. Shanklin £67
  13. Weymouth £67
  14. Ilfracombe £66
  15. Lowestoft £65
  16. Southport £61
  17. Oban £60
  18. Weston-super-Mare £59
  19. Brighton £58
  20. Llandudno £58
  21. Folkestone £56
  22. Ayr £55
  23. Paignton £54
  24. Scarborough £54
  25. Bournemouth £52
  26. Skegness £51
  27. Torquay £51
  28. Eastbourne £47
  29. Swansea £46
  30. Blackpool £35

While St Ives and Falmouth may be among the most expensive seaside resorts in the country, parts of St Ives are also home to the most amount of children living in poverty in Cornwall, with a part of Falmouth coming in third.

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