Update on Help me hold the government to account for Covid-19 care home deaths

Update on Dr Cathy Gardner’s and  Ms Fay Harris’ legal action against health secretary Matt Hancock.

“I know it has been a while since we sent out an update but please be assured that the case is still active and a full update will be posted in the next few days.

Thank you so much for donating and sharing the link to the Crowd Justice page with your family and friends. Your generosity has ensured that we have been able to submit our full case ‘grounds’ and, following responses from the defendants, we are about to submit our final comments to the court. We then have to wait for a judge to rule on whether we can go to court or not. Next weeks update will provide more details. If you have not read our full case then go to the second update (via the link on the Crowd Justice page) and use the hyperlink in the first paragraph. This is 95 pages but is worth reading to understand the scope of our claims against the three defendants and the evidence.”

many thanks


The case has now reached the penultimate step before action in the High Court. This is stage at which the litigants, having rejected the defendant’s reply to their case, seek the “permission” of the High Court to proceed to Judicial Review. This is a paper review conducted by a Judge with the aim of weeding out cases that do not have sufficient merit to be argued in court.

When Sky News reported the story at the beginning of June they quoted independent barrister James Robottom as saying “I’ve got absolutely no doubt that permission will be granted by the High Court to proceed to judicial review.”

But there are no certainties in legal action. Previous governments have sought to make it harder to pursue a Judicial Review.

The case is being crowd funded through the link above. Owl believes that it is very much in the public interest that the case be brought to court.