Honiton Town Council down to seven members after yet another resignation

(Last one out please switch off the lights – Owl)

Hannah Corfield honiton.nub.news

Resignations have become a bit of a theme recently at Honiton Town Council, with nine members quitting in 2020 alone.

Michelle Pollington announced yesterday that she would no longer be carrying out her role as councillor for the town, having been co-opted on back in June of last year.

Just seven members now remain on the Council, with one unable to participate due to ill health.

There are five vacancies in each of the two Honiton wards – St Paul’s and St Michael’s. The Monitoring Officer at East Devon District Council has received the required number of written requests, meaning that at least nine of these positions will go to an election due to take place in May 2021.

Michelle told Honiton Nub News: “There is such a small cohort of councillors left that it’s got to a stage where it’s not really functioning as a town council should.

“My intention when I joined was to be part of boosting the reputation of the Council and being part of positive change for the town, but during my time nothing has changed.

“There is a lot of negativity and preoccupation with historic disputes, which gives a bad perception of the town to those looking in.

“We need a fresh start and to move forward.”

The news of former Cllr Pollington’s resignation was announced at the full council meeting held yesterday evening – please see Honiton Nub News Facebook page for a recorded video.

In response, Mayor John Zarczynski commented: “I am sorry to see her go, but it didn’t come as a surprise. I fully expected her to follow when former Cllr Kolek resigned.

“Her short term – because as you know former Cllr Pollington was co-opted – was very much interrupted by the lockdown and I’m sure had it not been for the coronavirus she would have contributed a lot more to the Council.

“I do wish her luck in the future. Whether she will stand in the May elections, we’ll have to wait and see.”