Will Hugo Swire have to “buy new friends”?

Sasha Swire’s diaries. Truth about the Cameron years – but not the whole truth. Not by a long shot.



….To judge from the extracts, the diaries are a mash-up of the perceptive and the delusional, bound together by a blithe disregard for discretion.  Which would make Swire a natural diarist.

A story, doubtless untrue, is doing the rounds.  That it was put to Hugo Swire, her ex-Conservative MP husband, that the diaries’ publication will [lose] them friends.  “I suppose so,” he is said to have replied.  “In which case, I’ll just have to buy some new ones.”

Whether apocryphal or not, that catches the flavour of the extracts: they paint a picture of a self-perpetuating elite which believed it was born to rule.  There is enough truth in the charge for the ever-alert George Osborne to have launched a salvage operation………