Conservative Party Conference: Sasha Swire’s Diaries continue to cause offence.

From the Evening Standard Oct 6

MP Halfon blasts Swire over ‘Jewish lobby’ comments

A SENIOR Tory MP has hit out at Sasha Swire’s controversial political memoir due to its references to the “Jewish lobby” in politics.

Swire, who is married to former Tory minister Hugo, caused waves last month with her book Diary of an MP’s Wife, a behind-the-scenes record of David Cameron’s government.

“Diarists are now allowed to talk about the so-called `Jewish lobby’ in Parliament with impunity with the recent book that has just come out,” Robert Halfon told a Conservative Party Conference fringe event yesterday. He chose not to name the book for fear of giving it more “publicity”.

Speaking more generally, the former education minister told The Londoner this morning: “People seem to be able to write things about the `Jewish lobby’ in a way that they would not dare with other ethnic groups. Jews are regarded as game sport.”

Halfon, who is Jewish, was speaking at a Board of Deputies of British Jews event called How Should We Be Combating Hate Online?

Swire’s book includes a reference to an “investigation into the Jewish lobby infiltrating Parliament”, and another use of the phrase.

Swire’s publisher was contacted for comment.