Whitty live evidence to Commons Select Committee

“Occupancy levels are lower in the South West but the rate of increase is faster and bed capacity is lower, so “although they look further away at the moment, they could hit difficulties relatively quickly”, he added.”

Who reduced the bed capacity to land us in this dire situation and why?

We all pay the same taxes don’t we?

Why do we always lose out in Devon?

Who is shouting the case for more? Tory MPs? John Hart? Heart of the South West? The Great South West?

One thought on “Whitty live evidence to Commons Select Committee

  1. This is ultimately the result of trusting Tories – the “nasty party” who act “for the few (Tory donors and obscenely rich friends and of course themselves) not the many (the rest of us)”.

    Anyone who cannot recognise the lies, the selfishness and self-interest, the greed, the nastiness, the unfairness, the rank arrogance and the untrustworthiness of this band of incompetent shysters can only be described as walking around brainwashed and with their eyes shut as there is an endless supply of factual evidence to support this statement.

    Indeed, the best way of understanding just how contemptible all Tory politicians and party members are is simply to meet with them and talk with them and get to know them – because their character flaws are almost always glaring out and impossible to ignore.

    As an example, I once went round to my local East Devon Tory councillor to give him a letter campaigning for better treatment for the poor – or perhaps about closing hospital beds, I forget exactly what it was about. But I rang his door bell, and having said I was simply delivering a letter I had the rudest, least respectful and most dismissive response you could imagine. Simply nasty, without having a clue who I was or whether the letter was positive or negative.

    People need to realise that most of the media is spouting biased emotive propaganda rather than unbiased factual news, and start to question and refusing to let themselves be brainwashed.


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