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2. Vital information about covid and workplace safety:

COVID Transmission and Killer Workplaces

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“The workplace is the source of infection and the site of spreading infection.It’s being completely ignored – it really is the workplace stupid, and they are completely ignoring it.” – Hilda Palmer, the Hazards Campaign

We are not being told the truth about the pandemic – and the failure to do that is going to cost thousands more lives. The evidence is now overwhelming – the main source of COVID-19 transmission is through tiny particles called aerosols.

It explains why the virus is so dangerous indoors, where aerosols can build up in the air – and particularly dangerous in workplaces, where people spend the most time in an enclosed space in close proximity to others. It’s also why ventilation is so important – another issue that is barely being mentioned.

This film, made with the Hazards Campaign, explains what you can do to keep yourself and your workmates safe – using the latest information about COVID-19, extensive case studies of superspreader events and successful collective struggles by well-organised workplaces.

Find out what you can do to shut down your work if it’s non-essential, make your workplaces as safe as possible if you’re a key worker, and get full sick pay if you need to stay off work.

The government is committing social murder on a mass scale. It’s time to stand up and stop them.

#ShutTheSites  #PAYEveryWorker #PPENow