Politicians, People and Covid-19: A Fantastic World-Leading Satire

We have had the “Secret Diaries of Sasha Swire” (Aged 57 and eleven twelfths). Now another local author publishes a satire on Politicians, People and Covid-19.

Satire can entertain, expose and ridicule incompetence.  In his latest book, Devon author Philip Algar offers an imaginative and satirical account of politicians, their behaviour and policies and public reaction in the early days of the corona crisis.  He does not underestimate the tragic impact of corona nor does he belittle the disease, unlike some international leaders.  Instead he takes some real incidents, exaggerating their potential impact and invents almost plausible stories.

For example, he reveals how President Trump decided to blame the World Health Organisation and explains why there was a shortage of dogs in the UK.  Why were Irish mountain climbers victimised and how might Sir Humphrey Appleby have reacted to the use of government slogans?  Why were some Mexicans disappointed when they learnt what was disallowed under the heading of essential items?

Why did some rare bats become even more rare and why did a lake and beach change colour?  Why did thieves want government financial support?  Why was it so difficult to visit the local pub?  How did cyclists imperil road safety and cause pollution?  How did a radio broadcast give a totally wrong impression and why did children fear an invasion from space?  What happened to subtitles when a government minister was speaking to the nation?  How did some press conferences go seriously wrong?

All this, and much more, is revealed in this topical book which is available from the Curious Otter Bookshop, Ottery St. Mary and Amazon. The author can also supply copies at £7.49, including postage and packing to the UK.  (philipalgar@btinternet.com)