Led by Donkeys – a second attempt

Occasionally, Old Owl sets New Owl a cryptic challenge.

This one is to find the “right” led by Donkeys update.

The one posted yesterday, though entertaining, wasn’t the one intended! Ooops.

So let’s try this.

2 thoughts on “Led by Donkeys – a second attempt

  1. And yet, with the exception of Led b y Donkeys and The Guardian, the rest of the toadying media completely fails to hold this Tory government to account for their incompetence, lies, unnecessary deaths and (of course) “waste, negligence and cronyism”.

    THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY – this is chumocracy.


    • P.S. The definition of genocide is 10,000 deaths. Since they came to power in 2010, it is estimated that austerity, NHS cuts and the Covid-19 incompetence have led to over 100,000 unnecessary deaths, disproportionately amongst the less well off and ethnic minorities (who were the targets of austerity and the hostile environment – the Tories are documented as institutionally wealthist and .racist) – and that is the other defining factor for genocide, being targeted against one or more minorities.


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