People behaving badly – “Blood on their hands”

There have been a number of Covid related stories swirling across the media in the past few days and Owl will attempt to bring them together in a succession of posts.

Given Owl’s first post today about crowd behaviour in tourist spots, recalling the impassioned “blood on their hands” call from an exasperated consultant would seem a good place to start: 

Fuming Covid doc says Brits not wearing face masks ‘have blood on their hands’

Matt Clemenson

One of the UK’s top intensive care docs has sensationally hit out at the nation’s Covidiots – claiming anyone who is still not wearing masks this far into the pandemic “has blood on their hands”.

Prof Hugh Montgomery, a consultant at University College Hospital in London, was speaking on Times Radio when he insisted the government cannot solely be to blame for the recent spike in coronavirus infections and deaths.

“We can’t blame the Government, we can’t blame the Tier system. This is people behaving badly. I’m just very angry about this,” he said.

“If we were wearing masks, washing hands, this virus would not be as it is.

“‘Anyone who doesn’t wear their mask – they have blood on their hands.”