Development at Winslade Manor – Consultation on “Reserved Matters”

From a correspondent:

You may be aware that Burrington Estates are in the process of a submission of the Reserved Matters application to East Devon District Council, with an expectation of a determination in the summer of 2021 and commencement on site towards autumn/winter 2021, for the new 80 homes (40 houses in Zone A (ex Plymouth Brethren field) and the 40 apartments in Zone D (Car park next to Winslade Manor).

It is baffling to see such vague plans accompanying the consultation that creates far more questions than answers! The plans are so unclear and obscure that they are not fit for the purpose of a consultation on this density of 80 more homes in a small, rural village. At present, these plans continue to represent indicative, outline proposals not detailed, reserved matters plans which is, surely, the next stage in the planning process?

The plans for Zone A are missing crucial information such as the heights of the ridge line of the roof, the location of the windows etc. The plans displayed for Zone D have already been likened by residents to 3 ‘blocks of Lego’, giving no details of design, height, layout and appearance, making it impossible to make any constructive comments. There now appears to be more than two storeys shown on the ‘sketch plan’ for Zone D (the outline application approved 3 storeys in the central apartment block and two storeys on the two blocks either side)

The woodland has a Tree Preservation Order but is primarily deciduous, so for 6 months of year Zone D homes will overlook existing houses in Clyst Valley Road. Unlike traditional homes with first floor bedrooms (usually only used for sleeping) – 40 apartments will have all main living areas at each level, resulting in greater over-looking and loss of privacy. 

We have already seen Burringtons plans are possible to change having been shown 14 traditional homes in Zone D at the Public Consultation in the Village Hall which were replaced with 40 two-three storey apartment blocks resembling ‘container shipping units’!

Consequently, at this stage we can only make you aware of this consultation and await full information on Zones A and D that we are able to read and understand. I have attached the link below to the consultation for you to see what has been submitted.