Council warning after huge pipe exposed on Exmouth beach

The council is urging the public to ‘exercise caution’ after a huge pipe has been exposed on Exmouth beach.

Chloe Parkman 

It comes after Devon Live reported that the enormous metal pipe – which runs under the lifeboat slipway – has been exposed resulting in a small drop between the top of the metal and the sand.

One person was spotted clambering over the pipe in order to access the other side of the beach.

A spokesperson for East Devon District Council (EDDC) said: ”A number of hazards have become exposed on Exmouth beach, near the RNLI station, due to a drop in beach levels.

”Our Streetscene team are working to make the area safe but in the meantime please exercise caution if walking in this area.”

The huge exposed pipe on Exmouth beach

Earlier this month, a warning was issued to the public after the sea exposed another rusty old pipework and other dangerous hazards on the beach.

Exmouth RNLI said the separate pipework could pose a significant risk to people using the East Devon beach.

In a statement on Twitter, a spokesperson for Exmouth Lifeboat said: ”Sea conditions have exposed some old structures that are a significant risk to water users off Exmouth and could cause serious injury/incapacity especially during high tides.

“The hazards are located about 80 yards west of Exmouth RNLI Lifeboat Station.

”Please avoid this area.”

One thought on “Council warning after huge pipe exposed on Exmouth beach

  1. sadly Devon Live’s regrettable tendency to hyperbole and poor English renders much of their so-called journalism risible.


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