Owl apologises for break in service plus lesson for Boris

Owl needs to apologise for the break in service over the past few days.

Owl was taking a much needed covid compliant break amongst the cousins in Cornwall and had assumed that it would be easy to find good internet connections. Owl managed a few such breaks last year without a hitch.

But obviously the hype surrounding broadband roll out is running ahead of experience “on the ground”.

Owl was left “speechless” for a few days.

Some news from the cousins.

Whilst John Lewis is out of favour with Boris and Carrie, provoking a “cash for curtains” crisis. Owl can report that our “topsy turvy” cousins have fallen out with the more prosaic Sainsbury’s, provoking a regional uproar which caused the supermarket, unlike Boris Johnson, to apologize and beat a hasty retreat.

There’s a moral here somewhere. 

Cornwall to boycott Sainsbury’s over correct cream tea photo

Jon Lewis as reported on www.devonlive.com (Cornwalllive had a rather different version)

People in Cornwall are threatening to boycott their local supermarket – because it has displayed a picture of a correctly arranged cream tea.

Shoppers at Sainsbury’s in Truro have thrown their toys out of the pram after spotting the photo in the store, showing a scone with cream spread on the bottom and a dollop of jam on the top – just as nature intended and Devon tradition dictates.

But true to Cornwall’s backwards ways, locals have got very upset about it all, insisting that the scone should have jam on first with cream on top which, frankly, sounds disgusting.

While right-thinking members of society thought nothing of it and calmly went about their day, some trouble-makers made a point of contacting Sainsbury’s to complain.

And, in a backbone-lacking U-turn that would make some prime ministers blush, the supermarket has now apologised and vowed to change the offending photograph.

After spotting the furore on Twitter, DevonLive sister site CornwallLive tweeted Sainsbury’s: “Sainsbury’s what’s this? A fruit scone! with the cream on first! advertised in a Cornish store. The cheek of it! Do you think this is acceptable?”

To which the supermarket replied: “An imposter! Which store did you see this please? We’ll have a word with them about this blasphemy!”

The store’s press office has also been contacted for an explanation, but so far there has (tellingly) been no response.

CornwallLive – by now presumably frothing at the mouth with indignation – also tried to contact the store itself but was stymied by its automated phone answer system. Ha.

The chain subsequently tweeted, after being given the location: “That’ll never do at all Truro! I’ve logged some feedback to the manager of the store to ensure they are made aware of this imposter and repair it accordingly.”

Andreas Drosiadis, who took the original photo and runs the Mediterraneo deli in Truro, posted it on Facebook asking: “How did this happen?”

He wrongly told CornwallLive: “England is a country with strong local traditions that shape our everyday life. ‘Jam first’ is a characteristic example of this and Sainsbury’s should have known better.”

The picture that got Cornish folk up in arms. The cream is on first!

The picture that got Cornish folk up in arms. The cream is on first! (Image: Andreas Drosiadis)

Comments on his post were filled with disbelief, scorn – and a bit of banter.

One said: “That’s a fruit scone – needs butter only. Jam and cream goes on a plain scone or a split!”

Another wrote: “Cream first – and fruit scones! Quelle Horreur!”

“Well that is disgraceful… time to boycott after telling them where to shove their scones and pronouns!”

“Disgusting. They need telling. Boycott that shelf in Sainsbury’s.”

“That’s not Cornish!”

“They seriously need to have a word with themselves and sort it out! Hell up indeed!”

“Help, Cornish staff needed urgently.”

2 thoughts on “Owl apologises for break in service plus lesson for Boris

  1. Well I know this is important. I mean – who in their right mind puts JAM on their scones before the cream? But… if needs be, I will argue for either case with equal zeal, extolling the virtues of cream and scones in multiple confections, as long as we agree that climate change is a more important issue. If not, well then … a pox on the jam first-ites.


  2. Perhaps the Cornish should do what I tell people at Sunday Cream Teas in Broadclyst to do. ” If you don’t like it, put the top on and turn it upside down. ” You get some funny looks, mind!


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