Deviations from outline planning permission – Burrington Estates “conditions”

Does outline planning permission give developers “Carte Blanche” to do whatever they like? If you think the situation is bad now, what’s it going to be like under the Government’s zoning proposals.

The latest on this particular legacy problem – Owl 

From a correspondent

You may remember that Burrington Estates achieved outline planning permission in December last year for development at Winslade Manor.  East Devon District Council overruled their own dedicated strategic policy (26B), the Local Plan, the Neighbourhood Plan and ignored the fact that part of the site was on a flood plain. The main reason that all the plans and policies were overruled and ignored was the economic benefits of employment that this scheme was promised by Burrington Estates to deliver.

Since December 2020 Burrington Estates have been in negotiations regarding the conditions on this site. Despite requesting updates nothing has been forthcoming as the negotiations have been confidential.

The Parish Council commented at last week’s Parish Council meeting that the detailed plans they had been shown contained a considerable number of differences from the outline permission. There has been no mention of the swimming pool or the community park facilities previously promised by Burringtons.  

Residents have been invited to attend a consultation event (details to be confirmed shortly.) In order to get some idea of numbers, to attend this event you need to register before 5pm Friday 23rd July. If you want to view the proposals you need to email or  telephone 01392 581150, specifying your contact details. 

2 thoughts on “Deviations from outline planning permission – Burrington Estates “conditions”

  1. Just you wait Clyst St. Mary.

    Burrington Estates have not sought to reduce the affordable housing numbers YET!

    All over East Devon eg. Exmouth, Cranbrook and even Budleigh Salterton have lost out big time.

    You only have to search “affordable homes” on the Watch.


  2. From A Feathered Friend . . .

    Owl, CPRE Devon and the community of Clyst St Mary have always been very supportive of the importance of achieving the correct, sustainable development at Winslade Park.

    Unfortunately, even after over 200 local objections, the damage has already been done, with the outline approval by EDDC Planners of inappropriate housing on green fields and 40 four-storey-apartments that will overlook existing homes in a village location, opposite an historic Grade II* Listed Manor House and this decision is viewed as ‘a hard-hitting strike’ against localism in this community!

    When Local and Neighbourhood Plans can be brushed aside and ignored purely for economic/employment benefits that may not reach complete fruition post-Covid, potentially allowing the lucrative housing aspects of the application to be ‘cherry-picked’ in the first phases of development – the Work – Live – Play developers’ promotion will have lost two vital components i.e. the Work (employment) and the Play (leisure facilities, swimming pool and outdoor spaces)?

    Can anything be done if this development fails to live up to economic expectations . . . . unlikely – before the towering 40 four- storey flats plus 39 houses on green fields are built!!!


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