News Flash: John Humphreys stripped of Honour

As expected, John Humphreys has been stripped of his honorary title of Alderman at an extraordinary general council meeting of EDDC. This follows his conviction of sexual offences and subsequent 21 year jail sentence.

Cllr Ian Thomas, in putting the motion, repeated his expression of sympathy to the victims on behalf of the full council.

The motion to withdraw the honour was proposed from the chair which requires no seconder although a number of councillors volunteered.

By a vote of 45 to 1 it was agreed that a recorded vote should be taken and the motion was passed unanimously.

At an extraordinary meeting only one issue can be debated, but a number of speakers raised the need for a review of the procedures for the awarding honorary titles. The Chairman confirmed that this would be dealt during the year.

Cllr David Key (Conservative) also raised the question of DBS checks and the Chairman said he expected the issue to be raised in the future.

The question was also raised by Cllr Eileen Wragg (Lib Dem) as to whether or not the police investigation into Humhreys was known to the Conservative Group at the time his honour was being considered.

(For technically reasons, virtual meetings provide “recommendations” for action by senior officers) ,

One thought on “News Flash: John Humphreys stripped of Honour

  1. No surprises with the result of this meeting-thank goodness – exactly as Chair Ian Thomas had hoped for and rightly so. A unanimous vote to recommend that Humphreys be stripped of the Alderman status. Officers can and must support the recommendation forthwith.

    The procedural rules of the extraordinary meeting curtailed all of the associated issues and kept the focus on council’s apology to the victims and the stripping recommendation. Ian Thomas undertook to ensure such additional related matters would nevertheless be pursued in other appropriate ways.

    One other thing struck me though – the absence of a number of known freemasons who are or have been senior councillors. It would be nice to know why they felt unable to attend this most important meeting- it just seems a bit odd given that Humphreys was on the square too. One can only wonder how they might have voted. Will Humphrey’s lodge follow the example of EDDC and disassociate itself with him or will his brothers remain at his side?
    Cllr Wragg raised an interesting point with a strong suggestion that some in Tory benches knew of Humphrey’s interest to police at the very time he was put forward for the Alderman award. This though was not the occasion to discuss the possibility further- but it won’t be forgotten . Next time perhaps Cllr De Saram, who has seconded Humphreys in the past, can enlighten us a bit further as to his knowledge of Humphreys character.

    Personally I was also pleased to see Cllr Key, who thinks DBS checks are the answer (though from his register of interests appears not to have had one) , put right about their value.

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