Day of Judgement

No sooner had Simon Jupp and Neil Parish voted to allow water companies to continue discharging sewage then they did just that!

Do not swim at these 14 Devon beaches, including Exmouth and Budleigh

Ami Wyllie

Sewage has been emptied into the water at over a dozen popular swimming spots along the Devon coastline.

Environmental charity, Surfers’ Against Sewage, have issued ‘do not swim’ warnings at all 14 beaches affected.

Most of the incidents are due to deliberate discharges after sewers overflowed in Wednesday night’s heavy rain that caused widespread flooding across the county….

One thought on “Day of Judgement

  1. Since South West Water charge us over twice what Londoners pay Thames Water for their water services, maybe SWW could spend a bit less of that bonanza on themselves and their shareholders and a bit more on infrastructure that avoids pouring shit into the sea via our rivers. It may seem silly to have to point this out to Simo and Neely, but in Devon visitors we (visitors and residents) use the sea as an amenity and a source of income, and no matter how assiduously the blue star effort is operated, it does not reflect what we are likely to be dunking our kids or ourselves in on any particular day on the beach. Which rather plays against our aspirations as a prime holiday destination, does it not?

    The full list of water companies and their yearly bills is as follows:

    Thames Water: £440
    Severn Trent: £502
    Northumberland Water: £539
    Yorkshire Water: £562
    Northern Ireland Water: £596
    Scottish Water: £600
    Anglian Water: £619
    Dwr Cymru Welsh Water: £636
    United Utilities: £652
    Southern Water: £673
    Wessex Water: £728
    South West Water: £943


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