Mixed messages as Covid surges

But not on Tory exceptionalism.

Sajid Javid, the health secretary, said MPs should be “setting an example” for the public by wearing masks.


Jacob Rees-Mogg has said Conservative MPs do not need to wear face masks in the Commons chamber because they know each other and have a “convivial fraternal spirit”.

Anyone spotted Simon Jupp on one of his pub crawls recently?

One thought on “Mixed messages as Covid surges

  1. Jupp the mystery man. All record of him removed from search engines. Unfortunately for him I looked the day he got the candidacy. Only claim to fame was supplying some items from Radio Jersey to Radio Solent. No mention of his supposed staff job as news editor! Now I started as amateur supplier of consumer items to Radio Solent, Southern TV and BBC TV South. Within months I was offered a series of my own on Solent . 12 half hours exes only. I did everything, research, record, edit and present including my own trailers. As a result got contract with HTV. Career launched. 20 years series programme making ending up as Producer/ Director. So excuse me if I doubt this man’s broadcast experience warranted being unpaid SPAD to Raab as a press officer! Reminds me of the so called Black Farmer who had a farmhouse but no farm! He now has been decorated for services rendered!


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