Journal letter: PM has contempt for government

Exmouth Journal: Letter from Katherine Wilcox

Five years ago the world watched with a growing sense of disbelief and alarm as President Trump dismantled the institutions and systems of American government which interfered with his agenda to have total control of government.

He used presidential privilege to pardon wrongdoers and ultimately attempted to interfere with the voting system in an attempt to secure a second term in office. When that failed he fomented an insurrection by his supporters who stormed Capitol Hill in January 2021 leading to the death of several people including one security officer who died trying to protect the elected members of the senate.

The Republican senators stood by and refused to act to stop his outrageous attack on the democratic systems of the USA. Even after the insurrection they would not support calls for his impeachment.

We have witnessed Boris Johnson abusing our system of government in a similar fashion. He does not think the rules apply to him; he excuses the inexcusable behaviour of his ministers and friends even after they have been found guilty by parliamentary standards committees of having breached the rules of conduct; he treats the judiciary with contempt if it stands in his way; he prorogued Parliament in October 2019 after the Supreme Court ruled that his first attempt was unlawful. This action had the effect of reducing the time available to debate the Brexit deal. Johnson finally presented the deal to Parliament on Christmas Eve 2019 so that there would be no time for proper debate or scrutiny by Parliament before it was signed off by the January 1st deadline.

Johnson has accused the EU of being obstructive because it is not acceding to all the changes he wants to make to the oven ready Brexit deal which his minister Lord Frost negotiated. The electorate are realising that they have been hoodwinked into voting for a deal which is costing Britain dear.

In two weeks he has outraged Parliament again by using the Chief Whip to get Tory MPs to stop legislation to make water companies clean up their act and now by trying to change the rules of the parliamentary standards watchdog to save Owen Patterson’s skin after he clearly broke the rules on lobbying. Those Tory MPs who have not voted against these outrageous actions need to ignore threats to withhold levelling up funding to their constituencies and resist this corrupt prime minister who is bringing our democracy into such disrepute. American citizens witnessed the near destruction of their democracy by allowing death by a thousand cuts by Trump to the judicial and government standards which are there to protect their democratic system of government. If Johnson is not stopped from treating our parliament and judiciary with the same contempt as Trump, then Britain is at risk of becoming a mafia state run by crooks whose only agenda is their personal enrichment and to hell with everyone else.