Masks stay mandatory at Exeter secondary school

St Peter’s head says covid still here.

More evidence that Boris Johnson’s sudden “Freedom” announcement is not based on evidence. – Owl

Sam Sterrett

St Peter’s School in Exeter have made face masks mandatory, despite Boris Johnson saying school pupils no longer have to wear them from today (Thursday 20th January).

However, the school’s headteacher, Phil Randall, emphasised that covid has not gone away.

On St Peter’s Facebook page, Mr Randall wrote: “Despite the Prime Minister’s announcement earlier today regarding wearing of face masks in classrooms I will be requesting that students do wear them in classrooms as well as corridors in line with other local and national schools.

“This is because: Public Health predict increased covid in our area over the coming weeks. Our own evidence of increasing absences amongst students and staff indicate we should not be reducing approaches to keep our community safe.

“Wearing a face covering in indoor areas is a kind and thoughtful approach that supports our school community and our families, many of whom have vulnerable children and adults living with them

Therefore we will still be expecting all of our community to wear appropriate face coverings in corridors as well as classrooms. Please remember to bring a spare face covering and a suitable bag to keep them in.”