Led by Liars & Lawbreakers

The police investigations continue into gatherings, and then we can look forward to Sue Gray’s report.

Reminds Owl of the dog days of John Major’s scandal and sleaze riddled government in the 1990’s.

One thought on “Led by Liars & Lawbreakers

  1. On the other hand, Boris will be delighted by the Daily Mail’s contribution to his welfare with their splash “Don’t They Know There’s A War On”, accusing “the left” (whoever that is) of distracting our great war leader from his true calling. Two things – I wasn’t aware the UK had declared war on anyone, and actually there been a war on somewhere on the planet for great majority of human history. It’s just that the Daily Mail doesn’t tend to notice them until they might come in handy to prop up the Tory Party. The “left” (?) on the other hand, have a record of calling those issues to mind, regardless of which political party is in the ascendant, and usually with little response. Finally – its not everyone that loses in a war – there’s money to be made, and will be made, while those at the sharp end – always those without power or wealth, who will populate the grim statistics of death and destruction.


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