A love letter from Simon & Phil

A year ago Owl alerted residents to a “survey” from Simon Jupp addressed to named individuals asking, amongst other things, how they voted in 2019.

Apparently “Big Brother” is at it again, with a focus on Exmouth residents.

This time, however, a  sinister shadowy figure can be seen peering over his shoulder.

(Jupp’s left shoulder to be precise)

Scary! – Owl 

PS The Tories are obviously now too old to conquer the finer skills of PhotoShop




One thought on “A love letter from Simon & Phil

  1. Such a hideous image on a Sunday morning can only be used for family weekend entertainment purposes, with suggestions to print it, attach it to a dart board and attempt to direct darts at the two profiles to score highly by perfecting ‘the shut your cake hole’ shot (scoring a maximum of 180 points); ‘the get up your nose’ shot (scoring 25 points) and ‘the straight between the eye’ shot (scoring 50 points)!

    For maximum pleasure, many local residents may prefer to direct their missiles solely at Phil, having personally experienced his dodgy, political planning decisions that have directly impacted on their lives, when he has failed to listen to their local voices!

    The game is over when the printed image is entirely shredded, at which time it can be dropped into the green, recycling garbage box (to sit amongst other junk mail), where East Devon can, at least, benefit from increased recycling rates!

    ‘Up to the Oche’ all those who do not and will NEVER support Phil (your boots Skinner!) or Simon (‘I was born in Devon’ and at the General Election will represent the newly created Honiton and Sidmouth Constituency – ‘home is where the heart is’)!

    Game On…….


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