Chainsaw massacre of trees at Winslade Park – Every picture tells a story

From A Correspondent:-

As a sequel to yesterday’s blog regarding tree loss in Armada Way, Plymouth entitled “Infighting, incompetence and lack of experience of local Tories – Plymouth” and the accompanying, supplementary comments on the significant tree loss/hedgerow at Winslade Park, Clyst St Mary – herewith are the actual ‘ugly images’ that evidence and corroborate the destruction of significant, mature trees by the developers of Winslade Park (abetted and supported by East Devon District Council planners) in their quest for economic benefits!

The first two images were taken in April 2022 and show tree/hedgerow loss (during the bird nesting season), in a long-established car park, to clear the way for the construction of 40 four storey flats, adjoining a TPO protected woodland- but crucially the chainsaws annihilated these mature car park trees/hedgerows even before any reserved matters, detailed planning permission had been granted!

The next two images were taken in January 2023, when contractors felled both mature and younger trees, cleared undergrowth and hedgerow for the on-going refurbishment of Clyst House, adjoining Church Lane.

The final March 2023 drone image link below incorporates a construction company advertising their workmanship on a newly completed 1600m2 car park, to accommodate the significant cars and traffic at present required for the multiple users of Winslade Park.

Sadly, a very significant quantity of native mature tree species and some historic trees imported from overseas by the Veitch family in previous centuries have now disappeared, being felled on the south side of Winslade Manor to accommodate this car park!

However, local people were unaware of any plans submitted for this newly-created car park that now boasts panoramic, open views across the Grindle Brook, over green fields towards the A376 (although there were 395 new car parking spaces approved adjoining Clyst House on green fields, in the hybrid application, in a different location – but these parking spaces have yet to materialise) – no doubt, when completed these will also incorporate even more tree and hedgerow loss for this once predominantly rural community!

Regrettably such large tree specimens would have been capable of sequestering the carbon emissions from the significant Winslade Park vehicle uses – but now that ‘ship has sailed’ because the felled trees have probably been sold for lumber, furniture, firewood, mulch and chippings – although perhaps some may argue that as they have been recycled, then that fulfils ‘the green environmentally-friendly tick-box’- but that argument holds no compensation for the innumerable, diverse wildlife species that have made this area their home for centuries.

Even though David Attenborough and other conservationists strive to persuade us that climate change is approaching too fast and we must protect our environment – there are those in East Devon decision-making roles who keep telling us that ‘the economic benefits outweigh the environmental factors’ – so, consequently, it seems we must all get used to the chainsaws and invest in protective ear-defenders and anti-pollution face masks to reduce the risk of exposure to harmful vehicle airborne particulates!

One thought on “Chainsaw massacre of trees at Winslade Park – Every picture tells a story

  1. Vandalism!
    Words can’t express how totally unjustified this savagery is.
    Those responsible should be punished without mercy.


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