Petition · Fulfil your duty of care and fix the potholes! 

Local Tories are pledging to cut car parking charges rather than fix the potholes. It’s all a matter of priorities.

Devon roads are in a state of “managed decline”.

Something Cllr John Hart, leader of Devon County Council, said in the context of flooding seems to apply more generally: “Self-help is going to be the order of the day.”

 Another Tory readers might remember, Norman Tebbit, once exhorted people to “get on your bike”. In Devon that needs revising to “get on your horse”.

I believe that local, county and national government have A DUTY OF CARE  to all road users in England.
Motorists, motorcyclists and cyclists are being put in harm’s way every day by the extraordinary amount of potholes in our roads. Some of them are not only wide but very deep and I consider them to be dangerous.

The run down state of the roads is causing damage to vehicles every day. Your vehicles. Who pays for the new tyres and tracking to be realigned? Will government/council be the ones responsible for any accident that might have been caused by a driver swerving to avoid a pothole? After all, it is their fault that it is still there. Their responsibility. Is the government responsible for our physical well being if there is an accident directly relating to the state of the roads that are owned/maintained by them? What if you all sent your garage bills to your county council? 

The extra money allocated by government will not begin to solve this problem nationally. 

I believe that all levels of council and government are responsible in some way for funding or fixing. They need to step up to the duty of care they have to us as residents of England. 

Please sign the petition. Share it to everyone. Don’t be the one that always moans and does nothing to help change things. Please, make them start to take notice and listen to our road using residents and the passengers they carry. Our roads are a disgrace. 

Thank you!