Is Mr Cohen up to his job?

Richard Cohen has not had a good year (well, actually he has, as he remains Deputy CEO and Relocation Manager for EDDC). He came under fire last week for saying (twice) that the DMC had “stymied” relocation plans – though actually if anyone stymied anything it was PegasusLife putting in a planning application that was […]

EDDC’s Cohen says they will “do the right thing by them” in Exmouth

Source: today’s BBC Spotlight Richard Cohen, Deputy CEO of EDDC and Regeneration supremo, interviewed on Exmouth seafront said that “EDDC will do right by them”. Unfortunately for us (though fortunately for the badger set under the demolished Crazy Golf area) he meant only the badgers. Badgers are a protected species whereas human beings are not. […]

Does Richard Cohen know more than the Energy Minister?

First Capacity Market auction guarantees security of supply at low cost Ed Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, said: … ‘This is fantastic news for bill-payers and businesses. We are guaranteeing security at the lowest cost for consumers. We’ve done this by ensuring that we get the best out of our existing […]

What questons will councillors have for Mr Cohen this afternoon?

At the Audit and Governance, 2.30 pm, there will be an oral update from Mr Cohen on relocation. So, it’s another opportunity for our representatives to ensure with their questioning that the office move project is not built on shifting sands. Oddly, EDDC’s latest, and last, edition of their glossy propaganda brochure, ‘Connect’ , doesn’t […]

East Devon Alliance response to EDDC Deputy Director Richard Cohen’s press release and some background information

The EDDC Press Release is linked in the post below. EDA Response: “The East Devon Alliance notes with disappointment that the recent Briefing for Editors by EDDC does nothing at all to address the issues that really matter. EDDC is still unable to give a date for delivery of the Local Plan and the SHMA, relying […]

Breaking news: Sky cancels planned Tory leadership debate after Sunak and Truss say they won’t participate

The Tory contenders to be the next PM won’t discuss how to tackle the crises facing the country and are only interested in slagging each other off, and saying how much they are going to cut taxes and shrink the state.  So Owl is not surprised that they aren’t interested in trying to convince the […]

“Bust up at Top”: the context speaks volumes.

From a correspondent: The combined roles of Chief Executive Officer, Head of paid services (Human Resources in corporate speak)with that of electoral “Returning Officer”, places a lot of power in one pair of hands.  Let us review some recent history of leadership in EDDC. The EDDC Chief Executive has been hauled in front of a […]

The Tories call it electoral reform. Looks more like a bid to rig the system 

Showing you papers before you vote, surely this is something our “libertarian” Simon Jupp MP will have to oppose? – Owl Nick Cohen Picture the chaos at the next general election. Officials refuse to allow voters into polling stations because the Johnson government has denied democratic rights to everyone who cannot or will not […]

More Glory Days: EDDC’s “cover-up operations” as revealed by Judge led Tribunal

Remember when senior officers in EDDC were found to have been “discourteous and unhelpful”, to have provided “inaccurate statements” and admitted to “amending” documents given to the Council’s own Scrutiny Committee, by no less than a Judge led Tribunal? The context is the relocation of EDDC HQ from The Knowle, Sidmouth. Note the ”formative” stages […]

Harvard researchers have calculated how many unnecessary deaths the Trump administration left behind

A novel way to audit an administration’s impact on the health of a nation. Owl has totted up the figures which appear to exceed 2 million over Trump’s four year term. Wonder how Boris is doing? What are the “costs” of his delayed decision making? Arianne Cohen  The Trump administration leaves a devastating health […]

East Devon Watch – the first MILLION hits

During the silent hours a night owl “clicked” on an East Devon Watch post creating an historic moment …………….the MILLIONTH hit! To mark this significant milestone “Old Owl” has written three reflections on what led to the creation of the blog, what has happened since it started, culminating with the “changing of the Guard” in […]

Politicians were once held to account – now nothing stands in their way

Most people in Britain were brought up in a country that offered the faint hope of justice. The police would investigate corruption, if only occasionally. Politicians would dodge and weave but avoid flat-out lies. Political parties had moral standards, however flexible, and if a minister disgraced himself or herself they could resign. Opposition politicians, journalists, […]

£2.5m road improvements boost for East Devon ‘Airpark’ agreed by EDDC hours before Flybe collapse

A £2.55million budget has been agreed to revamp an ‘inadequate’ road past Exeter Airport – so a major new business park boasting 1,000 jobs can be built. East Devon District Council’s (EDDC) cabinet agreed the move on Wednesday – just hours before the collapse of Flybe was announced. Oops! A spectacular piece of mis-timing by […]