How was Moirai Capital Investments chosen by EDDC for Exmouth Splash?

The marketing brochure which was provided to prospective bidders will be provided to you under separate cover as soon as possible.
According to an EDDC response on What do they know website:

“See the cabinet report of April 2014 for details about the selection criteria.…

The number who submitted a bid was 7. Some of these were for part of the site only.

There are no minutes of meetings in relation to the bids received.

There are no minutes of meetings held between Moirai and the Council.

There is no contract between the Council and Moirai at this point in time.

The Council’s agent has undertaken due diligence in relation to Moirai Capital Investments and spoken to other parties that have worked with Moirai and met with their solicitor. ”

So, however they were chosen, THERE IS NO RECORD AT ALL of the procedure and, despite there being no contract, EDDC is doing pre-works on the basis of their bid.