50% of EDDC staff to be made redundant?

In Cabinet papers is the following:

...”In the interim, Exmouth Town Hall has been vacated by Devon County Council Services and represents a new opportunity within the relocation … new HQ in Honiton can be restricted in size and cost to a 170 desk equivalent scale with an improved Exmouth Town Hall for 80 EDDC staff ...”

This is a total of 250 full-time equivalent staff

Click to access 031214-cabinet-agenda-public-version.pdf

According to this link, there are around 500 current full-time equivalent staff currently employed by EDDC


Does this mean that 50% of staff will be made redundant in the next two or three years? And if 50% of staff are to be lost, surely the newer part of Knowle offices would accommodate the rest as EDDC has made it clear that for much of the time, some staff will be constantly on the road or hot-desking?

Or will so many people be working so often from home that they will have to declare this for tax purposes?

Or is it yet another case of figures not making sense? Or the new reality of how the move must be funded in these austerity days?

2 thoughts on “50% of EDDC staff to be made redundant?

  1. Is it true that Richard Cohen’s office space previously contained six (6) workers? And that another senior manager on a fractional appointment often works two of his three days a week from home, but still occupies an unshared office in the Knowle? If so, could it be confidently said that the whole workforce could be economically accommodated in the newer part of the Knowle buildings which were built for this purpose?


  2. The purpose-built Council offices (finished 1982) plus the Council Chambers would accommodate EDDC’s claimed needs. And the flat roofs are ideal for solar panels. And the other buildings could easily be let to fund a re-fit. And that would also save the glorious south-facing park and its prospect as well as the community asset and the 200 free weekend parking places for visitors. But are EDDC’s rulers “big enough” to think again? Or will they be held to ransom by whoever buys the Knowle site?


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