Exmouth: this is the sort of County Councillor you have elected

This is an extract of a Facebook page of County Councillor Richard Scott, who you have just chosen to represent you at county level, giving us his unique view on his colleague and regeneration. Here is its transcript verbatim:

Waste of time Town Poll over and valuable money lost. Lets see what the outcome is and whether or not the Town Council has to, which it doesn’t, have to write a letter to, thats right a letter to EDDC. I bet they are shitting themselves. I wonder if the chief exec of EDDC will read it or put it in the bin, which should be a recycle bin by the way as they are a sustainable council. I wonder why our esteemed district councillor and leader of SES didn’t try to influence the district council in her role rather than abuse the town council, our money and a retarded local ‘referendum’ regulation that effectively has no force or power over the landowner, or is it just about causing trouble because and trust me on this they do not want consultation they just don’t want any development in [Exmouth]”


Exmouth band forced from bandstand charity concerts due to EDDC price hike

” … this year the band has been forced to find a new venue following East Devon District Council’s decision to raise the charge from around £45 for the season to £189.60.

It comes at the same time as a new stipulation in East Devon District Council’s terms of use states that 30 per cent of all admission revenue for all events on council property must be given to the council.”


How did TV companies get to Knowle so quickly?

How were BBC Devon and Westcountry News able to get to Knowle so quickly when the Exmouth “regeneration” Development Management Committee didn’t start its meeting till 10 am yet Mark Williams was able to give an interview for the 1.30 pm edition of Spotlight and one that appeared on West Country News at 6 pm? And TV cameras were inside the meeting too.

Somehow they never seemed to be interested in the public’s protests about the same issues ….. though West Country News did at least balance the news today with local campaigners who were in disagreement with the decision.

And should Mark Williams have said he favours Grenadier’s watersports centre – after specifically naming them in his interview – isn’t he supposed to be neutral?

Exmouth Regeneration “Business Forum” (2) – the rules!

“The voting membership of the Board may invite additional non-voting members as detailed above to join the Board as they deem appropriate. The may also remove non-voting members from the Board as they deem appropriate.

Eligibility for non-voting membership of the Board will be subject to a protocol that ensures that members are fit and proper persons eg covering matters of criminal record, bankruptcy, not being subject to planning enforcement etc.

To assist the Board they may invite any individuals with particular expertise (including other elected Members) and/or representatives of organisations to attend.

Officers of the District Council, County Council and the Exmouth Town Clerk will attend in an advisory capacity only. The District Council will provide the secretariat service for the Board.”


“Fit and proper persons” … fit for what and proper for what?

Exmouth Regeneration Board: an East Devon Business Forum clone?

“Board Structure

Voting Members

 EDDC Portfolio Holder for Economy (who shall be the Chair)
 EDDC Portfolio Holder for Sustainable Homes and Communities (Vice Chair)
 EDDC Exmouth Champion
 EDDC Tourism Champion
 2 x Devon County Councillor (one who shall represent Exmouth)
 2 x Exmouth Town Councillor

And then one representative from each of;

 Clinton Devon Estates
 Exmouth Chamber of Commerce
 Exmouth Licensed Victuallers Association
 Exmouth Community Organisations Liaison Panel
 Exe Estuary Partnership representative

Non-Voting Members
 Alderman Tim Wood

And then one representative from each of;
 Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group representative
 Leisure East Devon representative
 Exmouth tourism business (eg holiday accommodation)
 Food and drink business (eg restaurateur)
 Exmouth landowner
 Exmouth commercial developer”

page 89

SO reminiscent of the East Devon Business Forum!!!

And why Clinton Devon Estates when EDDC bought out their restrictive covenant on the site? What exactly is their interest?

Why a licensed victualler – don’t we have enough of them at EDDC already!

Alderman Tim Woods – don’t go there, Owl. So reminiscent of … no, no, no do NOT go there!

All the usual suspects, many of whom have, or will have, vested interests in the final outcome. No-one with REAL scrutiny teeth.

Peter Halse as Chairman!!!

Same old … same old … same Old Boys …

Exmouth: Dinan Way extension ok’d by Minister

” …The road had previously seemed set to proceed when it was approved by county planners in January. However, the National Trust then protested to the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) that the application should be ‘called in’.

Had it done so, a final decision on planning permission would have been made by the Secretary of State; however, DCLG has now decided to take no further action, which means the planning permission stands.

This does not mean construction is imminent, as Devon County Council (DCC) must first carry out further negotiations.

A DCC spokesman said: “Conditional planning consent has been granted for the scheme. The county council will now be looking to acquire the necessary land, and funding, but no delivery period has been identified as yet.”

The National Trust had opposed the scheme, citing the effect on the Grade One listed A la Ronde, in nearby Summer Lane.

In a statement following the DCLG decision, the National Trust said: “We hope that DCC will now redouble its efforts to work with Historic England and the National Trust to help ensure the long-term protection of A la Ronde and to pursue the safeguards they proposed during the planning consultation period.” …