Twiss in charge of infrastructure money

Stakeholders? Bet it isn’t us but developers he’s talking about! Exmouth’s Queen’s Drive access for Grenadier, “improved access” to Feniton, Gittisham and Cranbrook western extension here we come!

“Since September last year, EDDC has been charging Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) on certain types of new development.

The council passes 15 per cent of this income, or 25 per cent if a neighbourhood plan has been completed, to town or parish councils, with the remainder to be spent by EDDC.

The council is now inviting stakeholders involved in the delivery of infrastructure to bid for this cash by September 22, with a final decision to be made in February 2018.

Councillor Phil Twiss, EDDC’s portfolio holder for strategic development and partnerships, said: “The CIL is a fairer, faster and more transparent way of funding infrastructure delivery.

“It provides more certainty than the current Section 106 system, which is negotiated on a site by site basis.

“However, unlike 106 money, CIL money can be spent anywhere in the district.

“Unfortunately, the projected income from CIL falls a long way short of the total infrastructure costs required to deliver the Local Plan.

“This is because the legislation requires the charges to be set based on what is viable for developments to pay rather than what is required to deliver the necessary infrastructure.

“CIL was designed to be matched with funds from other sources in order to deliver projects and so difficult decisions will need to be made in terms of prioritising projects and projects should demonstrate what other funding would be used in addition to CIL.

“The CIL pot is never going to be able to meet all demands made on it and we will have a robust and rigorous qualification process in place to ensure that the money is well spent and in the right places.”

Exmouth: water-skiiers or wetlands? Powerboats or peregrine falcons?

“Sailors, kite surfers and other water users on the Exe Estuary want plans for two exclusion zones to protect wildlife scrapped, claiming they would cause conflict among them and could force them out the water.

Pete Hardy, from the Exe Powerboat and Ski Club, described the plans as “very frustrating” and claims water users concerns are not being listened to.

“Powerboating would be affected by the other sports being pushed into our area and it would lead to conflict between powerboaters, kite surfers and paddle boarders,” he said.

But Exe Estuary Management Partnership says in its eight months of consultation it has listened to “hundreds” of views and, as a direct result, has amended some proposals.

It says human activity directly influences the distribution and behaviour of wildlife on the Exe and with more people choosing to live, work and holiday in the area, the number of water users will continue to rise.

Wildlife charities have declined to comment before the consultation period finishes tomorrow.

Exmouth Regeneration: computer says “no”!

Dear Dr MacAllister

Thank you for your request for information. Please find the response to your query below.

Please clarify who was awarded the contract to market the site for the second time and when the agent began the process of remarketing the site
The requested information is not held – we have not progressed the re-marketing of this site.

How many developers were contacted with brochures or other marketing materials in respect of the second marketing of the Queens Drive site?
The requested information is not held – we have not progressed the re-marketing of this site

What has been, or will be, the process for the selection of the preferred bidder?
The requested information is not held – this process has not commenced

How many organisations have, to date, submitted a bid to develop the site and what are there names?
No information held – we have not progressed the re-marketing of this site

What is the timeline with regards to choosing a preferred developer
Timescales are as published online… although there has been some slippage.

Please provide minutes of meetings and correspondence between the council, the marketing agent and prospective and submitted bidders
The requested information is not held – we have not progressed the re-marketing of this site

Please provide evidence and explanation of the logic of pursuing vacant possession as a means ro entice a developer and please explain the process of decision making
The requested information is not held – we have not progressed the re-marketing of this site and so minutes, emails and other communications are not held. Please also note that we are not required to provide commentary or explanation in order to comply with our obligations under Freedom of Information legislation – our responsibility is to provide copies of information held only.

I hope this information is helpful but, if you feel dissatisfied with the way we have responded to your request, please contact our Monitoring Officer, Mr Henry Gordon Lennox, to request an internal review [email address]

You may also approach the Information Commissioner for advice at


Exmouth Regeneration Board notes* – not all going to plan**

*They can’t be called minutes as it can only make recommendations not take decisions

** Assuming there is a plan


Catering contract marketed with no water or electricity but this will be “overcome” with containers!

“JL reported that a three year temporary catering provision had been marketed and received a lot of interest, with returns expected by 21 July 2017. It was unrealistic to expect anything to be operating on the site this summer season, but it could be a year round offer. The successful tender would be decided on the price/quality offer. The visitor survey had provided evidence for demand for the type of offer at Orcombe Point.

There was an issue with no direct water or electricity services on site, although it was possible that these could be overcome.

It was likely that the provision would be in the form of a containerised structure. The planning conditions were fairly light, including the need to clad any structure to be in keeping with the environment.”

EDDC might “invest” in the Magnolia Centre:

“Members noted that there was the need to look at the retail plan for the town centre. However, it was acknowledged that there was a problem with the disparate ownership of property throughout the town centre, and whether EDDC should consider investing some of its reserves in the purchase of land, such as Magnolia Centre.”

No lease agreed with Grenadier:

“The development agreement and lease had not yet been completed with Grenadier, although it was hoped that points could be finalised with the legal times the following week. It was hoped that an application would come in September.”

Exmouth: development or World Heritage status?

“Save Exmouth Seafront campaigners are urging both East Devon District Council and its preferred developer Grenadier Estates to re-consider the building of a Water Sports centre after concern that its location will ‘threaten the entire existence of a World Heritage Site’. …

Nick Hookway, Save Exmouth Seafront spokesman, said: “SES has recently been made aware of concerns raised within the management of the UNESCO world heritage site, “The Jurassic Coast” regarding the proposed “Water Sports” development on Queen’s Drive.

“Such concerns centre on any inappropriate developments that could be clearly seen from any vantage point within the world heritage centre, “The Jurassic Coast”.

“By standing at the Geoneedle on Orcombe Point, the proposed “Water Sports” centre would be clearly visible as it would be situated on a curve that juts out into the Estuary.”SES members posed the question: “Is this council prepared to deal with the hostile global criticism that any adverse impacts from this application may lead to?”

Read more Lyme Regis beach closed after hand grenade is discovered

Professor Malcolm Hart, Vice-Chair of the Science and Conservation Advisory Group of the World Heritage Site, “The Jurassic Coast” has recently stated: “In the case of Exmouth and the River Exe, the views to the west and north are spectacular and continue onwards the geology of the site… Clearly one does not want to nibble away at the ends (or the middle) of the site in any way and so what one can see from Orcombe point and Maer Rocks IS important.”

Mr Hookway added: “On the basis of this new information, SES now urges both EDDC and its preferred developer Grenadier Estates to re-consider the building of a Water Sports centre in such a prominent, environmentally sensitive location. For such a development risks destroying the vista from Orcombe Point and threatens the entire existence of the World Heritage Site “The Jurassic Coast”.

“No doubt South West businesses reliant upon Tourism and those whose jobs depend upon visiting tourists would also wish to raise their concerns with Cllr Skinner. Indeed in attempting “Regeneration”, Cllr Skinner through his cavalier and ill-considered actions may actually achieve “Degeneration” instead. What a legacy that would be.”

East Devon District Council’s response was … blah, blah, blah – best read it for yourself … predictable … developer led … etc

Exmouth DCC councillor ignores his own rule about “keeping your nose out and sticking to your own business”

Councillor Richard Scott yesterday voted for closure of Honiton and Seaton hospitals.  Yet on 26 March this is what he wrote about councillors from outside an area voting on matters that had “nothing to do with them”:

Some good news: Manor Gardens, Connaught Gardens and Seaton Wetlands gets prestigious award

… “21 parks across Devon are officially among the very best green spaces in the country. The prestigious Green Flag Award – the mark of a quality park or green space – has been awarded to 21 parks across Devon.”

This international award, now in its third decade, is a sign to the public that the space boasts the highest possible environmental standards, is beautifully maintained and has excellent visitor facilities.”

Award winners in East Devon:
Manor Gardens – Exmouth
Connaught Gardens – Sidmouth
Wetlands – Seaton