You have until Monday at 11.59 pm to register to vote

Anyone planning to vote in June’s general election who isn’t yet on the electoral roll has only until Monday 22 May to register.

You’re eligible to vote in the 8 June general election if:

You’re a British, Irish or Commonwealth citizen aged 18 or over who is currently living in the UK.

You’re a British citizen aged 18 or over who’s been registered to vote in the UK in the past 15 years.

However, simply being eligible to vote doesn’t mean you’re actually able to you have to register by


11.59pm on

Monday 22 May 2017


otherwise you won’t be able to vote in the general election.

In addition to giving you a vote, registering boosts your chances of getting credit, as lenders can use the electoral roll to check out potential borrowers. See our Credit Scores guide for more on this and other tips on how to boost your score.

How to register

Check if you’re registered to vote by getting in touch with your local authority. Enter your postcode on to find your local electoral registration office and contact it directly.

If you were registered for last June’s Brexit referendum or are for the local elections on Thursday 4 May this year, AND you still live at the same address, you should already be registered to vote but if not, you need to register by Monday 22 May.

If you’re not on the electoral roll, visit to register to vote in England, Scotland and Wales. Registering online takes about five minutes.

Or you can download a form to register by post, which you’ll need to send to your local electoral registration office, but make sure it arrives by 22 May.

To register in Northern Ireland, visit the Your Vote Matters website to download the form and return it to your local area electoral office.

Postal and proxy votes

If you’re already registered to vote in person and you wish to switch to a postal vote or a proxy vote (where a voter nominates a trusted person to cast a vote on their behalf) in time for the general election, there are separate deadlines for changing your voting method.

To switch to a postal vote, you’ll need to register by 5pm on Tuesday 23 May. If you’re opting for a proxy vote, the deadline is 5pm on Wednesday 31 May.

If you’re in England, Scotland or Wales, you can change your voting preferences by downloading a postal vote or proxy vote form from To do this in Northern Ireland, different forms are required.

What does a local farmer think of Neil Parish?

A thread on who might replace Agriculture Minister Angela Leadsom”

He is my MP, he is a complete waste of space, has been no help to farmers that have gone to him for help over their BPS problems, just says he cant help, yet he is chair of the EFRA committee… so work that out!!

He only wants to know when it means he might get his pic in the local paper.

I know many people that are non farmers who have gone to him for help on various issues and he has just fobbed them off as well.

Also he is hell bent on direct subs going to be replaced by more complicated stewardship schemes that are both unworkable at farm level and impossible for the RPA to administer, he will be an utter disaster for the industry if he gets the job!”

Tiverton and Honiton parliamentary candidates – more staid than East Devon!

Neil Parish – Conservative
Described as “blustering” in a recent Private Eye. Pays much more attention to the north of his constituency (A303 widening enthusiast, farming) at the expense of the poorer, coastal southern end. Originally a Somerset farmer and former MEP.

Caroline Julia Kolek – Labour
Embattled former Mayor of Honiton, where the town council is involved in some sort of police investigation and where newspaper reports of allegations of bullying and harassment have been made. Teacher.

Matthew Wilson – Lib Dem
Describes himself as campaigner, entrepreneur and teacher “currently run companies that support businesses providing networks that allow them to access new markets and support public sector staff such as NHS works by providing them with retail discounts.”

Green – Gill Westcott
Leading light and green campaigner in Exeter and wider area Green and Transition Towns movement, economics graduate of Oxford and Cambridge, helped create “Exeter pound”. Has taught sustainability in schools and writes and gives talks on economics and sustainability.

Hhhmm – which one does land, sand and sea Tiverton and Honiton need? Farmer, teacher, entrepreneur or sustainability campaigner?

“Public most likle to think Conservatives often break spending rules at elections”

“When asked by YouGov whether they think different parties “often break the spending rules at elections”, 44% said this was the case for the Conservatives. Only 24% agreed this is true of Labour, 23% of Ukip and just 19% said it is true of the Lib Dems.

That might of course be related to the Conservatives having been on the receiving end of a record-breaking fine for breaking election expense rules on repeated occasions, after having repeatedly obstructed the regulator’s investigation.

Despite Theresa May’s recent claims in the media that the Conservatives properly reported all local expenditure at the last election, that’s not what the regulator found and published detailed evidence of – which is why the Electoral Commission said of the recent CPS decision, “The evaluation set out by the Crown Prosecution Service in today’s announcement is consistent with that of the Commission, which concluded that the Conservative party’s spending return was incomplete and inaccurate, as it contained spending that should have been included in the candidates’ returns.”