“Political rot has spread from US to UK”


Even more need for Independent Claire Wright.

“… In only a short 17 months. the world that Trump operated in doesn’t seem so distant from the UK at all any more. The style and character the Trumpist presidency has been successfully transplanted to Britain. …

So too, as the UK’s political climate has transformed into something nearly unrecognisable from just a few years ago, the once-unthinkable becomes the new normal. The UK is going through an election remarkable mostly for its squalor and lack of vision. The Labour leader seems temperamentally incapable of apologising for the anti-Semitism that has wracked his party; and as Britain is once again is hit by a terrorist atrocity, Johnson shamelessly exploited the tragedy – against the express wishes of the bereaved families – to support his party’s law and order credentials. …”


Stormzy creates massive spike in voter registration

If you don’t know who Stormzy is you are out of touch with the young people to whom this election is massively important!

If you do know who Stormzy is, you like what he says but you haven’t registered to vote – do it now at:


“Voter registration saw a 236 per cent spike on the day Stormzy tweeted in support of Labour (Monday 25 November).

The grime star wrote that he believed Boris Johnson to be a “sinister man” with a “long record of lying and policies that have absolutely no regard for the people that our government should be committed to helping and empowering”.

According to a performance breakdown on the GOV.UK website, 366,000 people registered to vote on Monday, compared to 109,000 the day before.

Some 150,000 of those registration applications were from people under the age of 25, while 114,000 were from those aged 25 to 34. …”


“Farmers convert land back to wildflower meadows in bid to cut carbon” (not East Devon’s Green candidate who has optioned some of his farming land to Persimmon!

What a contrast!

“Matthew Cooke, the Wildflower Farmer, believes a change is urgently needed to counter the influence of supermarkets and processors that demand more for less from the farming community, pressures that drive prices and negatively affect wildlife and the countryside.

With that, the Cooke family has taken the first act to convert their land to wildflower meadow. The family hope this act will be a catalyst for other farmers to return to wildflower meadows to help protect and benefit the environment. …”




Vote anything other than VERY GREEN Claire Wright and get Tory.

First-time voters – your chance to change history

  • First-time voters could unseat their MP in 56 marginal seats across the country, according to analysis of the 1.2m new electors who have come of age in England and Wales since the 2017 general election.

If you haven’t yet registered, do so here before 5pm on 26 November:



Tories retain candidate who took £54,000 in illegal dividends and repaid £2,000

“A Conservative parliamentary candidate who has been praised by Boris Johnson is facing questions over why he received an illegal dividend from a security firm that went into administration owing £271,000 in tax.

Stuart Anderson, who is trying to overturn a Labour majority of 2,185 in Wolverhampton South West, was a director and major shareholder of Anubis Associates for eight years until 2013 when the firm collapsed.

The firm, which trained security guards, was wound up by administrators who noted that Anderson had received more than £54,000 in unlawful dividends. He later repaid £2,000.

It comes amid criticism from unions that the Conservatives have failed to rein in malpractice in business.

When Anubis went under it owed £271,738 to HM Revenue and Customs in VAT, PAYE, national insurance and deferred taxation, documents show. Another 59 unsecured creditors were owed £179,330. Secured creditors received a portion of what they were owed.

Anderson, a former soldier and a Brexit supporter, had not mentioned his involvement with the firm in his online biography or during interviews. When approached by the Guardian, he said he complied with all his legal obligations. …”


Ladbroke’s gives Indie Claire Wright best of all odds for capturing seat

A vote for any other candidate will be a vote for the Tory parachuted candidate.

“Bookies at Ladbrokes have put Claire Wright at 7/4 for the East Devon seat on December 12.

At the time of writing, Conservative candidate Simon Jupp was the favourite at 2/5.

The company tweeted odds for selected Independent candidates nationally, and put Cllr Wright ahead of Dominic Grieve (Beaconsfield, 2/1), David Gauke (NE Herts, 4/1), George Galloway (West Bromwich E, 8/1) and Chris Williamson (Derby North, 20/1).

On December 12, Cllr Wright is contesting the seat vacated by Conservative Sir Hugo Swire.”


Meet Claire Wright in Exeter – 26 November 7.30 pm

Why Exeter?

Because part of the “East Devon” constituencty is in Exeter. Boundary changes gave East Devon the part of Exeter just south of Heavitree, and Topsham – even though for district purposes they come under Exeter City Council

You are invited to meet her for a Q&A session in Exeter, on

Tuesday 26 November,
19:30 – 21:00, at
St Peter’s Church of England High School.

Coincidentally the last day to register to vote:


This Q&A is open to all, including those who live elsewhere in the constituency. This is a fantastic opportunity to come ask your questions about the election and talk to Claire in a more informal setting.

“Young people who have turned 18 since 2026 could decide this election”

“It’s up to young people to mobilise in this election. Labour has entered no electoral pacts; meanwhile, the Brexit Party has happily given one to the Tories. Sensible politics has been replaced by a singularly narrow focus on Brexit, with desperately needed policy debate on preventing climate breakdown sidelined, and no one seeming to care that it’s young people who will pay the price. The so-called adults won’t save us. We have to save ourselves. ….”


If you want to be a decider (of any age) go here:


before 26 November

It takes lessthan 5 minutes.

Sidmouth hustings – full information

“General Election Hustings 2019: Invitation to Meet Your Local Parliamentary Candidates.

Sidmouth’s Vision Group are please to invite residents to the Sidmouth Hustings, to be held at

All Saints Church Hall in
All Saints Road, EX10 8ES on
Friday 6th December
starting at 7.00 pm.

This will be the third General Election hustings organised and moderated by the Vision Group, providing an opportunity for voters to hear the views of candidates and the policies of their Party.

At the date of writing, the following candidates have confirmed they will attend:

Peter Faithfull (Independent)
Henry Gent (Green Party)
Simon Jupp Conservative Party)
Eleanor Rylance (Liberal Democrats)
Dan Wilson (Labour Party)
Claire Wright (Independent)

The event will be open to all registered voters in the Sid Valley. All Saints Hall can accommodate approximately 300 people, and there will be a limited number of seats provided.

How will the hustings be conducted?

6.30 pm Hall Opens; submission of questions using forms provided.

7.00 Introduction from the Chair, who will introduce each candidate

7.05 Each Candidate will have five minutes to introduce themselves and their campaign.

7.45 Chair will select representative questions from those submitted online or on the door.

8.30 The meeting will draw to a close.

Submitting your questions:

Hustings present an opportunity to find out where candidates stand on issues you care about, and their ability to communicate effectively.

Only questions submitted beforehand can be considered. It would be helpful if you could give your question a topic for reference so that similar questions can be consolidated.”

A former Lib Dem urges people not to vote Lib Dem

Vote anything but Claire Wright (Independent) in East Devon, get Tory. Get Tory, get Putin and Trump.

” … the Lib Dems are again trying to lure voters from the centre left with big promises. This time, instead of talking about tuition fees, they say they will revoke article 50.

Everyone knows this will never happen: even the Lib Dems themselves. But they know this message will take votes away from Labour, and Lib Dem-friendly tactical voting tools are advising voters to vote Lib Dem in seats where, based on the 2017 election results, only a Labour candidate could beat the Tory. In many constituencies, a vote for the Lib Dems is in effect a vote for the Conservatives. …

… Her party is not focused on reversing generational injustice; on the contrary, it has enabled it. The Lib Dems – with Swinson as a coalition government minister – were happy to work with the Conservatives to slash benefits, cut social care and play havoc with the health service. Their political conscience only seemed to return when Brexit threatened their world view and their interests. Ideologically, they largely overlap with the vanishing “moderate” wing of the Tories – whose MPs are now defecting to the Lib Dem party. Many of my peers who fell for Cleggmania in 2010 say they’ll never vote Lib Dem again.

Today’s young people deserve better than we got. When I see younger people taking action on climate change, I feel proud. Your vote is powerful. So powerful that university lecturers who encourage students to sign up to vote are facing harassment.

A decade is a long time and also isn’t. I signed on for a bit, got a job, became a writer, got married. Loved ones died and new loved ones were born. Many of us are still in debt. Many of us don’t own a house. That’s life. But life intertwines with politics. And on 12 December you have a choice that could shape yours, for better or for worse.”


You have a week to register to vote … what’s stopping you?

You think it won’t matter?
It will – more than ever this time.

You think all politicians are the same?
They are not.

None of this matters to me?
Everything about this election will matter to you and your retatives, kids or friends – possibly for decades to come.

I’ve better things to do, no time.
It takes 5 minutes to register for voting and takes around the same amount of time to vote.

Sidmouth hustings – 6 December 2019 – details

General Election Hustings in Sidmouth: 6th December
All the candidates for the East Devon constituency for the upcoming general election have been invited to a hustings event in Sidmouth.

On Friday 6th December
at 7pm

At All Saints’ Church Hall,
All Saints’ Road,
Sidmouth, EX10 8ES

They will be on stage and will answer pre-submitted questions.

The event is open to all members of the public and will be hosted and chaired by the Vision Group for Sidmouth.
Please send in any questions to


See: https://visionforsidmouth.org/event/general-election-hustings-in-sidmouth/