Talaton report October/ November 2013/


Two outline planning applications for 10 and for 25 houses were supported by Talaton Parish Council despite a majority of residents voting NO to both in the PC’s questionnaire. Complaints have been made to EDDC about procedural problems in the consultation process but they do not intend to investigate. Over 90 objections to the applications have been received by EDDC, indicating success by the residents group in getting the message across, but it seems impossible to get any redress over the actions of the PC or EDDC.


Over 130 objections were lodged against a planning application to cover 73 acres of farm land in Whimple with solar panels. The County archaeologist and CPRE added their voices to those objecting and on this occasion District Councillor Martin Gammell also objected. Whimple PC stressed the importance of maintaining the green wedge and stated that four solar farms already either built, under construction or awaiting planning within a five mile radius was quite enough.

Talaton PC is remaining very quiet about the results of the questionnaire which did not go their way. Not a word appeared in the Calendar (parish magazine). Meanwhile, it appears that ‘secret talks’ have been held with another developer for a different site in Talaton, but the PC have not publicised this either so it has been difficult to verify!