Swire’s choice for PM: EU says he is a liar, others weigh in with further criticism

One has to wonder (or at least Owl does) why Swire picked on Raab as his choice for Prime Minister. Raab has said that he is willing to override and suspend Parliament (our “sovereignty”) to get what he wants, is “probably” not a feminist as he thinks men get the rawest deal, has been accused of having zero emotional intelligence, has been branded a “dictator” by other rivals for the job, didn’t realise how important Dover was as a port – and many believe that a current aide (a woman who used to work for Michael Gove) was the person who leaked the Gove cocaine story:

Dominic Raab aide in the frame for ‘cocaine leak’

He has also been accused of being a bully by a member of staff, who had to sign a non-disclosure agreement to settle the claim :


Ah, on further thought, Owl can see exactly why Swire would back him!

“… Dominic Raab, is held in low-esteem in Brussels. During his four-month tenure as Brexit secretary, he lost trust of his EU counterparts. “He was seen to be working against his prime minister and making things up,” the first EU source said.

The European commission recently accused Raab of making “fraudulent” claims and spreading “pure disinformation” in a campaign video about the views of its secretary-general, Selmayr, on the future of Ireland.

Responding to unfavourable reports from Brussels, Raab told the BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show that it “probably tells you that I was doing my job in terms of pressing them hard and making sure that Britain’s interests were resolutely defended” ….”


Drug-taking MPs can be compromised (would only a handful be left?)

“… The whole issue has actually laid bare just how MPs and ministers (paid for by taxpayers) are treated differently than other public sector workers (paid for by taxpayers) on drugs.

While civil servants are required to be vetted formally (especially those working with access to intelligence), MPs do not have to fill in any forms on drug use. If the spooks are unaware of any such conduct, they are powerless to advise a PM on the blackmail risk or otherwise of someone in line for promotion. …”

Source: The Waugh Zone (Huffington Post)