Neil Parish 640th worst constituency MP out of 650 (Swire 649th!)

These are the rankings of all south-west MPs for how good they have been as constituency MPs. As noted in an earlier post (with 1 being top and 650 being bottom) Swire came 649th!

Just as interesting is the ranking of Neil Parish (Tiverton and Honiton) who came 640th.

Basically, East Devon had two of the worst constituency MPs in the House of Commons with one of them (Parish) almost certain to be re-elected and able to spend more time on his Somerset farm at our expense.

AND no doubt if (heaven forfend)Jupp and his boss Raab get in, Jupp would no doubt be spending most of his time cosying up to Raab in London.

#56 Luke Pollard Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport Devon Labour
#103 Sarah Wollaston Totnes Devon Liberal Democrat
#149 Anne Marie Morris Newton Abbot Devon Conservative
#175 Geoffrey Cox Torridge and West Devon Devon Conservative
#306 Gary Streeter South West Devon Devon Conservative
#343 Mel Stride Central Devon Devon Conservative
#453 Kevin Foster Torbay Devon Conservative
#511 Ben Bradshaw Exeter Devon Labour
#528 Johnny Mercer Plymouth, Moor View Devon Conservative
#612 Peter Heaton-Jones North Devon Devon Conservative
#640 Neil Parish Tiverton and Honiton Devon Conservative
#649 Hugo Swire East Devon Devon Conservative

Rogues Gallery: Old codger Tweedledum, wet-behind-the-ears Tweedledee and Frit de Peiffel Johnson!

Gosh, doesn’t Hugo (I’m not going to interfere now I’m no longer an MP) Swire look wrecked! Where has he been! Obviously having a good time now he doesn’t have his fourth part-time job to worry about!

And their boss Frit de Peiffel Johnson

The boss of the East Devon Tory candidate in East Devon behaves appallingly at hustings

Owl has found it difficult to find evidence that East Devon’s Toey hopeful (Simon Jupp) IS an aide to Dominic Raab (he is shown as aide to a Treasury MP on the parliamentary list of 5 November 2019) but as he and Swire say he is – it must be so, must it not?

Jupp is said to be a communications expert in the Tory Party – wonder what advice he gave Raab about this?

Dominic Raab was called a “coward” by the friends and family of Harry Dunn as they were left outside of a hustings in his constituency.

The 19-year-old died in a crash in Northamptonshire in August that led to the suspect leaving the UK claiming diplomatic immunity.

His family had hoped to put pressure on the foreign secretary who attended the event at a packed church in Surrey.

A member of staff at the church said they were kept out due to fire safety.

The Conservative Party has been approached for comment. …”

Left-wing newspaper points out Swire’s extra income as MP

Will Swire find some nice part-time job for Jupp if he succeeds him? Will Dominic Raab (to whom he is said to be an adviser, though parlianmentary records do not show this) give his SPAD a leg up? As Swire organised Raab’s attempt for the Tory Leadership will they perhaps both offer Jupp their help?

Might we see even less of Jupp than Swire (if that’s possible?).

“TOP Tories stand to collectively lose more than £2.5 million a year under Labour’s plan to stop MPs moonlighting for extra money, the Morning Star can reveal.

Labour’s manifesto has set out plans to “tackle vested interests” in British politics — including a pledge to “stop MPs from taking paid second jobs” with limited exemptions to maintain professional registrations like nursing.

The move would hit around a fifth of Tory MPs, according to the Star’s analysis of the register of MPs’ interests.
More than 50 were topping up their £79,468 salaries with permanent second jobs on which they spent a combined 9,500 hours a year. …

… Mark Pritchard and Hugo Swire were also managing to hold down an extra four jobs outside of Parliament, making them £77,880 per annum and £104,996 (almost half of it in shares) respectively. …”

Book of the Month

“Hugo learned a lot of things in high school, but never right from wrong – so when he was offered a full-ride scholarship to the college of his dreams in exchange for destroying the world, he signed up right away. Unethical ethics professors, econoanesthesiologists, how lawyers think they can bring forth Armageddon, a psychologist who asks patients to call him ‘Daddy’ – plus more trolley problems than you can shake a stick at – all in Hugo and the Greatest Good, a comedy about education, ethics, trolley problems, and, of course, destroying the world. Written by author Andrew Stanek because the forces of good were too late to stop him.”

(Available from Amazon)

Swire doesn’t need to do any work but he’s still being paid

So, he’s just Joe Public.

“… Do MPs still get paid during the election period, and do they have to do any work?

MPs are no longer MPs once Parliament is dissolved. They are ordinary members of the public with no special privileges. That is because every seat in the House of Commons is now up for grabs.

However, they continue to receive their salary, currently £79,468 a year, up to and including polling day. If they have chaired a select committee, the extra payment they get for doing that job stops on the day Parliament is dissolved.

They are under no obligation to do any work during this period and their parliamentary passes are locked out. But they can keep abreast of urgent casework via parliamentary email. …”