Anyone seen Neil Parish MP recently?

The pro-Brexiteer seems to have gone rather quiet since Boris Johnson became PM and hadn’t told us what (as a farmer) he thinks about a no-deal Brexit.

Sure, our MPs are all on holiday in this time of constitutional crisis (whatever happened to parliamentary sovereignty?) but surely his constituents deserve to know what he thinks and what he is planning to do on behalf of his Tiverton and Honiton voters?

After all, we do know what Swire is up to, even if some of us don’t approve!

Swire’s pal Foreign Secretary Raab – Tory voters (particularly women workers!) might want to re-think …

One wonders what attracted Swire to direct the push for him as PM … actually, on second thoughts, one doesn’t!

“What do we know about Dominic Raab, and what does it tell us about how he might approach his new job as Brexit secretary?

Prediction is a fool’s game in Brexit Britain, but as this hardcore leaver settles behind his desk, Raab’s controversial ideology may offer some clues.
Dominic Raab: bullish Brexiter with outspoken reputation.

Brexit poses a serious challenge to many of the rights we take for granted, including workers’ rights and our right to equality, which is not protected by a written constitution. Many of those rights that we enjoy today are in very substantial measure the product of our membership of the European Union, underpinned and developed over 40 years through laws passed and case law developed with British input. Once we leave the EU, any of those rights that originate with our EU membership, for example working time protections and the right to equal pay for work of equal value, are subject to potential removal or restriction by a future government so inclined.

And Dominic Raab arrives into his new job with the credentials of someone who may well be so inclined. Our new Brexit secretary is a man who believes the time has come for men to burn their briefs. He has called for an end to obnoxious “feminist bigotry”, and thinks we’ve already sorted equality – for women anyway – so the real cause of advancement should be men’s rights.

According to him, we shouldn’t be worried about the gender pay gap because “men work longer hours, die earlier but retire later than women.” In fact, it’s discrimination against men we should be getting exercised about: “from the cradle to the grave, men are getting a raw deal”.

Raab’s regressive views aren’t limited to gender. He has a long history of decrying the “excessive protections” of workers’ rights in favour of the rights of business. He has consistently made clear his contempt for regulation. Raab expressly compared Britain to the “rising” power of Singapore in a 2011 report called “Escaping the Straitjacket”. and argued that the “burden of employment regulation” was a “dragging anchor” on the British economy. He called for scrapping the requirement for small businesses to pay those aged under 21 the minimum wage, renegotiating the UK’s treaty obligations with the EU on workers’ rights, and securing a total opt out from European working time regulations. …. “

Swire in Sri Lanka shows his true colours on racism and immigration

Watch the full (one minute video) in the link from which this quotation is taken:

“… Sir Hugo said that he believes that immigration has not been controlled, and it is a government’s number one priority to protect its original citizens [first and foremost]. He added that hundreds and thousands of people are in the UK and no one has any idea how they ended up in the UK. According to him, it’s negligent on behalf of the government or successive governments….”

British MP Sir Hugo on Newsline

Sadly, his views will be shared by many East Devon Tories.

Wright v Swire – this must be a straight contest

In the light of the by-election last night, which saw the strongest pro-Remain candidate win against the incumbent Conservative, Lib Dems and Greens shoyld surely ensure that Claire Wright, who embodies all their policies, must be allowed a straight run against the risible Hugo Swire.

It would probably be too much to expect Labour to do the same, although they should, since their chances of gaining the seat are zero.

Let’s hope common sense prevails so that we can oust the barely seen multi-job London and Middle-East based Tory to the ever-present, ever fighting, ever-local Independent.

“UK reclaims place as world’s second largest arms exporter”

Swire will be pleased – he’s spent many happy hours in Saudi Arabia with representatives of BAE Systems.

“British defence exports rose to a record £14bn in 2018, with sales to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar and other countries in the Middle East accounting for nearly 80% of that figure, official figures reveal.

Campaigners said the statistics, released on Tuesday, showed that Britain was “arming and supporting repressive regimes”, while the Department for International Trade (DIT) said they demonstrated that the UK had returned to its position as the world’s second largest arms exporter after the US.

Defence orders rose by £5bn to £14bn, making it the biggest year since records began in 1983. That increase was helped by a £5bn order for Typhoon fighters made by BAE Systems, plus Paveway missiles from Raytheon that are partly made in the UK.

Campaign Against Arms Trade said the figures “exposed the rank hypocrisy at the heart of UK foreign policy. The government claims to stand for human rights and democracy, but it is arming and supporting repressive regimes and dictatorships around the world.”

Britain’s sales to Saudi Arabia – believed to be the largest arms buyer – are the subject of an ongoing legal battle. Ministers have asked the supreme court to overturn a lower court’s judgment that some of the arms sales to Riyadh were conducted illegally.

In June, the court of appeal concluded the sales of arms that could have been used by Saudi Arabia’s air force in Yemen were unlawful because ministers had failed to examine whether, in targeting civilians, the country was in breach of international humanitarian law.

The DIT estimates the UK’s share of the defence export industry to be about 19%, placing it second for the first time since 2014, pushing Russia into third place and sitting comfortably ahead of fourth-ranked France.

The world leader is the US, which has a share of about 40%, according to the British estimates in the annual statistics published by the DIT, which is the licensing authority for arms exports.”