EDDC canvassers now out trying to find the missing 6,000 plus electors

After boasting to the Parliamentary Select Committee on voter engagement that his way of tracking down missing voters was far superior to the required door to door canvassing done everywhere else (by telephoning missing voters instead – always assuming you know their landline or mobile numbers) Mark Williams has now recruited a large team of canvassers to do the job.

Wonder what caused the change …..!


Knowle relocation: Deputy Chief Executive’s “update”

… which raises many more questions than it answers:


and simply “noting” this report at an Overview and Scrutiny meeting is disgraceful.

Our Overview and Scrutiny Committee – not so much a toothless tiger as a toothless teddy bear.

Devon Clinical Care Commissioning – explaining the deficit – some questions councillors might ask

Devon CCG says that community hospitals must be closed because they are in deficit.

A look at their annual report for 2014 is illuminating. Whereas salaries appear reasonable (e.g. Chief Executive £130-135,000 per year when perks are added in it is a different story (see page 29 of cited report)

Chief Executive: salary £130,000 – £135,000
With pension etc £275,000 – £280,000

Chairman: salary £80,000 – £85,000
With benefits: £200,000 – £205,000

Locality Managing Directors: salary £100,000 – £105,000
With benefits: £145,000 – £150,000

In a world where most employees get minimal contributions towards their pensions how on earth can doubling up on salary be justified?

Using the government’s own workplace pension contribution calculator a salary of £135,000 shows an employer contribution of £36,000.

Click to access CCG_Annual_Report_2013-2014.pdf