Claire Wright would like leaflet volunteers in Topsham and East Exeter

Hello good people of Topsham and East Exeter!

I’m the Claire Wright coordinator for East Exeter and Topsham, and I’m looking for some volunteers to deliver an East Exeter leaflet to all residences in the area over the next week or so.

Claire has produced a leaflet specifically designed for the East Exeter area as this will be one of the main battlegrounds of any upcoming election. As many of you may be aware, there’s a significant number of people in this area that are still unaware of Claire and moreover many who think they live in the Exeter constituency! It is because of this that we really must keep Claire’s name up there with these people.

For those who’ve done it before, the plan will be the same as last time – namely I’ve attached a map of the patch, which has pink numbers that indicate the round number and the rough area of the “round” and the number of leaflets in each round. Malcolm has designed these rounds to be able to leafleted in no more than 2 hours, so if we share them out, then we should be able to hit the lot in a few days.

Please have a look at the map and email me back stating any of the rounds that you might be happy to do. Once I have that information, I’ll make sure you get sufficient leaflets and also clear maps detailing exactly which properties are involved. There’s been a bit of building since these maps, so I’ll be reviewing them over the next few days, but the bulk of them are just fine.

I appreciate that Topsham people live a little east of the areas we are hitting, but if you fancy stretching your legs, then we would really appreciate the help.”

East Devon’s population explodes

In 2017, East Devon’s CEO and Electoral officer “lost” around 6,000 voters:

and, when he had to explain it and put some effort into finding them, the population jumped from 96,000 to more than 113,000.

Now, in 2019, East Devon’s population is said to be 144,317!

30,000 plus people added in just 2 years!

Wonder if the population increase is reflected in the electoral roll?

“Requiring voter ID in British elections suggests the government is adopting US ‘voter suppression’ tactics”

“This week’s Queen’s Speech revived proposals to introduce photographic ID requirements for voting in British elections. The Democratic Audit team assess the available evidence on the likely consequence of such a measure, and consider whether the legislation tackles the right priorities for improving our elections on which there is consensus, or suggests moves to enhance Tory election chances via excluding voters presumed unfavourable to them….”

Requiring voter ID in British elections suggests the government is adopting US ‘voter suppression’ tactics

Young and old people, poor people, disabled people: Boris Johnson is trying to deprive you of your vote

He wants anyone who votes to produce a driving licence or passport in order to vote.

If you have never had a passport and don’t drive, or if you would like a passport or driving licence but can’t afford it, if you HAD a passport or driving licence in the past but gave them up because you no longer travel or drive due to ill-health


That’s the kind of world we are living in now.

Oh Lord! “Stupid” Neil Parish nearly got shot by local police!

PLEASE, PLEASE someone stand against this “stupid MP”!

The Evening Standard headline reads:

The Londoner:
‘Stupid’ MP in car chase caper
Tory MP nearly shot after tailing Jeremy Hunt’s armoured convoy in Volvo

“The Conservative MP Neil Parish risked being shot by police protecting Jeremy Hunt earlier this year after the Tory politician joined the then foreign secretary’s motorcade without authorisation. “They were not that far from f***ing shooting him because he was tailing the foreign secretary and they didn’t know who the f*** he was,” a source tells The Londoner.

Hunt, who was running for Tory leadership at the time, met Parish at a cheese farm shortly before a hustings in Exeter, near Parish’s constituency of Tiverton and Honiton, on June 28. “My intentions were honourable,” Parish told The Londoner this morning, before conceding: “I’m the guilty party. It’s a good job they didn’t shoot me.” As they travelled to Exeter, Parish “attempted to join the then foreign secretary’s convoy of three armoured police cars. Big, reinforced, five-and-a -half-tonne Land Rovers.

“He tried to join it in his Volvo because he thought it would be a quicker way to get into the venue,” the source said.

A second source explained: “The cops began to take evasive measures like running red lights and speeding over the limit. And he just kept up. And assumed he was allowed to be part of the convoy.”

The first source added: “The police officers in the convoy had gone, ‘What is this all about? Who is this d***head behind us?’ They were this close to calling in a full-on SWAT team.

“Fortunately, Devon and Cornwall Police were called to the scene. They pulled him over to one side and they screamed at him.”

“I am quite impulsive, I just did it. My biggest mistake was I didn’t tell them I was going to do it,” Parish told The Londoner.

“Then afterwards I thought, ‘Well, that was bloody stupid wasn’t it?’

“I’ve learnt my lesson, I will not be doing that again.”

New Statesman: Tories very worried about Claire Wright in East Devon

“… Very few surprises in terms of the Labour-Conservative battlegrounds. But noteworthy is that – as is echoed privately by many Conservatives from the area – the government regards Claire Wright, of the independent campaign in East Devon, as a serious challenger for the seat. …”