Sir Hugo Swire, KCMG? It stands for “Kindly Call Me God” says “Yes Minister”!

So, rumour has it (Sunday Times) that David Cameron intends to make Hugo Swire a Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George (KCMG) which would allow him to style himself Sir Hugo Swire. He joins such illustrious people as Samantha Cameron’s stylist.

Shall we need to bow down and kiss his ring now?


In the satirical British television programme Yes Minister, Jim Hacker MP is told an old joke by his Private Secretary Bernard Woolley about what the various post-nominals stand for. Season 2, Episode 2 “Doing the Honours”:

In the service, CMG stands for “Call Me God”. And KCMG for “Kindly Call Me God”.
Hacker: What does GCMG stand for?
Woolley: “God Calls Me God”.

Or the posh explanation:

Members of the Order of St Michael are assigned positions in the order of precedence in England and Wales. Wives of male members also feature on the order of precedence, as do sons, daughters and daughters-in-law of Knights Grand Cross and Knights Commanders; relatives of female members, however, are not assigned any special precedence. (As a general rule, individuals can derive precedence from their fathers or husbands, but not from their mothers or wives.)

Knights Grand Cross and Knights Commanders prefix “Sir”, and Dames Grand Cross and Dames Commanders prefix “Dame”, to their forenames. Wives of Knights may prefix “Lady” to their surnames, but no equivalent privilege exists for husbands of Dames. Such forms are not used by peers and princes, except when the names of the former are written out in their fullest forms. Furthermore, honorary (foreign) members and clergymen do not receive the accolade and thus are not entitled to use the prefix “Sir” or “Dame”. Knights and Dames Grand Cross use the post-nominal “GCMG”; Knights Commanders and Dames Commanders use “KCMG” and “DCMG” respectively; Companions use “CMG”.

Knights and Dames Grand Cross are also entitled to receive heraldic supporters. They may, furthermore, encircle their arms with a depiction of the circlet (a circle bearing the motto) and the collar; the former is shown either outside or on top of the latter. Knights and Dames Commanders and Companions may display the circlet, but not the collar, surrounding their arms. The badge is depicted suspended from the collar or circlet.”

As an antidote, here is a list of people who have refused honours:

Hill Barton and Greendale business parks to be treated as villages with built-up area boundaries

Agenda pages 95 and 99 provide indicative maps of the suggested boundaries.

“3.8 Hill Barton and Greendale Business Parks – The adopted Local Plan advises that these two business parks will feature in the Villages Plan.

3.9 Therecommendedpolicyapproachsetoutintheconsultationdocumentisforthese business parks to have what is termed a ‘Business Park Development Boundary’. Within this boundary infill development and redevelopment of existing buildings, for employment/job generating uses, will be permitted. Land beyond the Business Park Development Boundary is be classified as countryside and further employment or other development will not typically be permitted as adopted Local Plan Countryside policies will apply.

3.10 The policy approach for these two business parks is one of placing clear constraining boundaries in respect of scope for outward expansion. Whilst there could be economic benefits associated with further employment growth at these business parks the potential benefits need to be weighed against environmental consideration which specifically include potential for adverse landscape impact and poor accessibility to these places of employment for cyclists and pedestrians. There is also potential for adverse social impacts from further development on nearby residential communities, including at Woodbury Salterton in respect of Greendale and Farrington in respect of Hill Barton.”

Click to access 210716-combined-strategic-planning-committee-agenda.pdf

EDDC threatens to complain to Local Government Ombudsman as Blackdown Hills broadband application rejected by Government!

Oh dear, Councillor Diviani fell at the first hurdle on this one! And very interesting that the very first time EDDC threatens to go to LGO, it’s about the Blackdown Hills!

“NEARLY 40 parishes on the Blackdown Hills which came together to call for fast, modern, internet connections are to launch an appeal after it was rejected by the Government.

A bid by a consortium of 39 parishes in the Blackdown Hills Parish Network (BHPN) in Devon and Somerset to bring fast, modern, internet connections to isolated rural communities has been rejected at first assessment and without discussion, by government.

In a letter to Sajid Javid MP and his South West Growth Team, the newly appointed Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government (previously Greg Clark MP), the group said: “This would have brought major benefits to small businesses in the area.”

The consortium argue that rural productivity, isolation and access to services including health care could all be improved by the project in parishes that the government’s own statistics show has some of the worst deprivation in the country for access to housing and services.

The group pointed out that Prime Minister Theresa May was breaking her own promise to create a country that “works for every one of us” saying that broadband has not worked for many in the rural Blackdown Hills for years.

An appeal has now been made directly to Sajid Javid, with the support of local MPs Neil Parish and Rebecca Pow and if the application is not reconsidered, it is planned also to appeal to the Local Government Ombudsman.

East Devon District Council who are the BHPN’s Delivery Partner for the project have described rejection of the bid without due consideration as a disgrace and are also making their views known directly to the Minister.

Heather Stallard, Chair of the Blackdown Hills Parish Network said “If Mrs May means what she says, then we hope that the new Minister for Communities and Local Government will reconsider our outline application.”

Hinkley C: is this what Theresa May is worried about?

“State-sponsored hackers aligned with the Chinese government have been accused of infiltrating the computer networks of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), a major banking regulator responsible for safeguarding the bank accounts of US citizens.

According to a damning report compiled by the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, “advanced persistent threat” (APT) hackers compromised 12 agency work stations and 10 servers in three separate cases in between October 2010 and April 2013.

The hacks, alongside a number of internal security breaches involving past staffers, were never declared to law enforcement or the US Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT), the authority that manages cyberattack responses in the US, the probe claims.

What’s worse, evidence from a number of FDIC whistle-blowers indicates the agency actively worked to cover up breaches impacting high-level officials – including the former chairman, chief of staff and general counsel, whose computers were all reportedly targeted. …”

And now Persimmon in trouble for not honouring S106 obligations

Interesting how Plymouth City Council slams an enforcement notice on a developer within a month whereas EDDC asks Wainhomes really, really nicely if the developer could see its way to possibly doing what it was contracted to do in Axminster!

” … the work was scheduled to be completed by Friday August 26, ahead of the new school term, adding: “This will be a huge relief to people living on the estate, especially those with children who have to cross this very busy road every day to get to and from school”.

However, four weeks after the start date and Persimmon Homes had failed to begin any work on the crossing, prompting the threat of legal action by council bosses.

Earlier this week, as still no work had begun, Plymouth City Council announced it had issued a “breach of condition planning enforcement notice requiring developer Persimmon to install a toucan crossing on Billacombe Road by the start of the new school term.”

The council said it reminded the multi-million pound company of its obligations as per the planning agreement, noting how the first homes began being occupied last year.

However, dismissing the threat Persimmon has now blamed Plymouth City Council for the delay, claiming planners had not sat down with the firm for a meeting. In addition, it accuses the council of turning down a plan to create a new access point to the large development.”

So basically, Persimmon blames the council because it wanted a crossing in a different place – presumably one that didn’t have planning permission and was better for the site rather than the school!