Election hot topics on IEDA blogs.. and on the video intros

Confused about who to vote for, how many votes you have, or why all the talk about neighbourhood plans? This blog has brief, clear summaries: http://www.eastdevonalliance.org.uk/candidates/sidmouth/cathy-gardner/

EDW also recommends Cathy’s video intro; and the one by the iEDA candidate standing against Paul Diviani (in Yarty), Steve Horner.
Many of you will already have watched this straight-talking one, which we highlighted yesterday : http://www.eastdevonalliance.org.uk/candidates/coly-valley/paul-arnott/

Then there’s one by Megan Armstrong (Exmouth); and by Martin Shaw (Seaton)…… the list goes on, and is steadily increasing.

Election only one week away!

Former Exeter council officer talks of difficulty of supporting project you din’t believe in

For those who have worked with me they will know that I am not quiet when something is not right for our city.

Pete [Council Leader] and his colleagues will recall how vocal I was about my serious misgivings for the swimming pool proposal behind closed doors. I made my grave concerns over the pool’s price tag and resulting risk to the council’s finances very clear and repeatedly articulated serious doubts over the claimed wider benefits to city centre.

That was the right and proper way to conduct myself as a local authority officer.


Wonder what some of EDDC’s officers would say if they could? Unfortunately, some of those who could have spoken have accepted gagging clauses in their pay-offs.

Smaller parties and independents could hold the balance of power in Parliament

Nate Silver, the number-cruncher who had a 100% success rate in predicting the outcome of the last US presedential election in all 50 states, was brought to the UK by the BBC Panorama programme to see the situation here.

His prediction is that no two large parties together (Conservative/Lib Dem or Labour/SNP) will get an overall majority and both major parties will need the extra support of smaller parties and independents to form a majority coalition.

What a great time to be an Independent MP – they talk about Nicola Sturgeon being powerful in a hung Parliament and wresting major deals for Scotland – imagine if the king-maker was Claire Wright wresting major deals for East Devon!

Meet the candidates on video!

Here’s a taster, from iEDA Chair Paul Arnott, on the theme of ‘EDDC and Tower Hamlets compared’: see Paul’s ‘video intro’ at http://www.eastdevonalliance.org.uk/candidates/coly-valley/paul-arnott/

P.S. Lots more video introductions now available for other candidates, on the same website. And more in the pipeline…