Want to hold our Local Enterprise Partnership to account?

HOTSW LEP (and ex-well-paid ex-South West Regional Development Agency) CEO Chris Garcia and

unidentified? Steve Hindley (HOTSW Chair and Chairman of property developer Midas Group)

“The Heart of the South West LEP is holding its conference and annual general meeting on 10 November in Taunton. The morning session will have updated on the LEP’s achievements and the forthcoming Productivity Plan, with business support taster sessions taking place throughout the afternoon with the HotSW Growth Hub. For more details and to register visit:”


Ah, it’s not council housing, it’s “affordable” rents from developers!

“We will provide £2bn more funding [ie not BUILDING, FUNDING] for the affordable housing programme.

This will increase the government’s 2016-21 affordable homes programme to £9.1bn. This extra £2bn will lever in a total investment of £5bnn (public and private) in new housing. [Is the private sector really chipping in, of course not, it’s creative accounting!]

In those areas of the country where rents are high, we will allow bids for social rent, which are further below market rents. [ALL areas of the country have rents t

With a typical subsidy of £80,000, £2bn investment can supply around 25,000 homes available for social rent.

This compares with an additional 6,800 social rent homes delivered in 2015-16.

To help encourage more investment in social housing, we will create a stable financial environment by setting a long-term rent deal for councils and housing associations. This will give them the security and certainty to invest and build more.

We will encourage councils as well as housing associations to bid for this funding so that we can deliver a new generation of council homes in this country.”


DCC East Devon Alliance Councillor Shaw gets new NHS scrutiny debate


“There WILL be a debate at the County Council on Thursday on my motion calling for Health Scrutiny to look again at the issues it failed to scrutinise properly in July, and for the County to let the Secretary of State know of the concerns about the CCG’s decisions and the process. The Leader, Cllr John Hart, has told me that they will agree to a debate rather than having the motion forwarded first to Cabinet, as is the normal procedure.

The agenda for the meeting is here:


“Is Britain turning into a home buyer’s paradise?” asks Daily Mail


“In August, the average price tag of a home was £313,663, compared to £310,003 this month, Rightmove’s latest house price index reveals.”


Well, prices often drop a little in September because families often rush to complete home purchases before the new school year.

So, er, no, it hasn’t become a “house buyers paradise” – though it MIGHT become a LITTLE nearer to paradise if we can BOGOF (buy one, get one free) though! Then we’re talking!

Exmouth councillors who voted to close the Fun Park

The following spoke for closure:
Bruce de Saram, John Humphreys, Brian Bailey, Pauline Scott, Jill Elson.

Also voting for closure:
Mark Williamson, Cherry Nicholas, Darryl Nicholas, Maddy Chapman.

Bill Nash absent.
So was Philip Skinner, Chair of the Exmouth Regeneration Panel